So I did a crazy thing today

And this is why it’s so important to have a good leader to follow. Because they don’t just want you to sit, they want you to soar.

Even if it means leaving them to do it :’)


You don’t know how good you got it…

…until you have to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.


Most of the time, I am pretty self-assured in the sound, rational decisions that I make in life. Beyond the (occasional) bookworm tendencies, you’d think that the years of hosting debates with myself in my head has made me at least a reasonably logical person. Until, of course, life comes along on its circus unicycle and decides to make it clear as day that I am, in actuality, completely incapable of making good decisions.

The feeling of having sustained a weird, minor strain on my right wrist started last Wednesday following our last floorball training before season commenced. But it was my right wrist, of all places, and I already knew that it was prone to strain because of the cheerleading/tumbling days and subsequent over-reliance on that wrist in my first year of uni. You’d think that that would have served as warning enough, but somehow my brain managed to process it as a ah this wrist is acting up again, better to IGNORE IT sort of situation, and so to a floorball game on Sunday I went. Then on Monday, I realised that I was having difficulty turning doorknobs – but ah I’ll just leave the doors open, then I won’t have to turn the knobs. Problem solved.


In what must have been a momentary bout of madness, I decided to do some damn weight training last night. Weights that were meant for my arms.

Weights that rested on my wrists.

And so here we are, less than 24 hours later, desperately relying on some strange combination of my left hand and my right index finger to poke and prod at the keyboard because the full functionality of my dominant hand has finally been mercilessly stripped away from me. Since posting about this on my ig stories, I’ve had friends telling me to go see a doctor cheryl wtf are you waiting for which is followed closely by my weak effort at swatting away this well-intended advice because I really, really, really don’t wanna be in a splint and won’t they just prescribe me painkillers anyway?????

So really, friends, am I truly a reasonably logical person because sometimes I think not.

Granted, this whole episode is my own damn fault, but as I precariously held my toothbrush in my non-dominant hand in a feeble attempt to wash up this morning, I couldn’t help but quietly anguish over the unfortunate timing of things. I’ve still got trainings and games coming up, a full day of wakeboarding set for next weekend, and – in what must be the most cruel and crucial of all – it’s freaking CHINESE NEW YEAR in 5 days’ time, how the hell am I supposed to lo hei with my left hand???

Festivity is not frivolous!

This is exceedingly random, but did you know that the orange is actually a hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin??

I was shocked.

Why would anyone want to bring two perfectly perfect fruits together to make one fruit that can’t be peeled without a knife and is therefore less perfect?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

(But then again, an orange does have more vitamin C than a mandarin, so… maybe there was a point to it after all.)

Right, so.

With the amount of Mariah Carey that’s been on rotation on Spotify, I think it’s pretty damn clear that IT’S FINALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON AGAIN!!! Hallelujah!

Even though my bank account rarely makes it out of this month alive, I frikking love Christmas! Despite the crap weather, there is just a feeling of festivity that hangs in the air y’know? Umbrella destroyed by the wind? Hey it’ll be sunny soon! Shoes soaked from the thunderstorm? No problem, gonna get that new pair of supergas anyway!!

no what do you mean I am being frivolous, it’s Christmas time dammit take that back

Anyway, with the advent of Christmas, I had (and am still going to have) a crazy line up of events and things all week, so much so that I hadn’t even had much time to breathe. But it wasn’t until, after multiple failed attempts to meet up, one of my girlfriends offhandedly remarked,

You’re super busy, Cheryl!

That it struck me that that was exactly my situation. Somehow, somewhere along the way, while I was picking up 1,001 things to do and accomplish, my schedule has become so bloated so quietly that I didn’t even realize it. I oftentimes mope about how bored I am, but I never actually stopped to assess how much I have going on, and how much I have not appreciated it all.

What was it they often quipped? Stop to smell the roses?

It seems I have been frolicking in a flower field.

How different my year-end has been, in comparison to the start of the year.

Here’s giving myself a pat on the back – for once – because good job Cheryl.

I am proud of you.

Also yes, this post is quite randomly structured – but hey, you should’ve known what you were getting yourself into when you started reading about the angst I felt for the origin of the orange.