FoodBook: Bread Yard

Quietly located within the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Bread Yard was an incredibly amazing gem to find.
I spent a few days helping my sister complete her models for her Studio finals, and whilst I was there, my sister mentioned eating at “bread yard” a few times. The name was deceptively simple, so I dismissed it, thinking it was just another neighbourhood bread bakery. However, on the day that I finally decided to go down to try it, I was pleasantly surprised!
The cafe, though located at an unconventional place, was brightly-lit and thoughtfully decorated; it was minimal, but sufficient. Towering windows allowed the afternoon sun to stream in, giving the small space a very cosy and warm feel.
The food was served on little plastic trays, akin to fast food restaurants, but they came lined with totally-photogenic paper (kind of felt like baking paper) instead of the usual tacky, flashy advertisements. We had to pay for our bill at the till first, before we collected our food and this system saved us poor students from having to pay additional (and pocket-burning) service charge!
We both had the Eggs Bettino, and it was uh. may. zing. Perfect bread, perfect ham, almost-perfect egg and perfect hollandaise. It was warm, it was generous, it was homely.
Because I thought that Bread Yard might skimp on vegetables (like a lot of cafes do), I opted for a salad at the side. But it was a needless worry, because the Eggs Bettino came with a huge serving of salad. My sister had a mashed potato instead, and it is definitely the better option. Warm, fluffy, and with lots of gravy. Go for the mash guys!!!!!
Their flat white wasn’t as spectacular – a little too strong for my liking. But my sister suggested that it could be because they had to cater to the SUTD students (who barely sleep) hahah. Oh man, feeling blessed about my choice of study now. Well, if Bread Yard came to NUS that is.

Address Blk 4, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Phone 6779 7986

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri
8am – 7pm

Taro Points Mashed Potato!


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