FoodBook: Dripz Bakery

One beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I dragged CJ by the leg to Drips Bakery Cafe, a rather popular cafe hangout at Tiong Bahru ๐Ÿ™‚
Unfortunately, I didn’t leave feeling particularly happy or satisfied, as I normally would when I visited cafes.
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The interior of the cafe, on first glance, was quite interesting. They wrote out their menu in true hipster style on the cupboards, and the counter was surrounded with all sorts of beautiful tarts and pies. We also received a warm “Welcome!!” when we stepped in, and it seemed to make the long trek to the cafe worth it.
However, besides the counter and the coffee corner, where a lot of time and effort had been dedicated to, the sitting area was a little on the bland side. It was not all that comfortable or cosy, and there was a caucasian right in front of us who was trying to discreetly touch a woman (his girlfriend?) in rather inappropriate areas, but obviously he didn’t succeed in being discreet. It was quite awkward for us to be honest.
The “prettier” back-end of the cafe was, unfortunately, filled with students who were studying so we couldn’t go in.
We sat there waiting for a menu, but none came. We then tried to catch the eye of a staff by waving, but while some briefly glanced around, none seemed particularly interested in helping us. I had to resort to google searching Drips’ menu. After a while, we noticed a chalkboard hanging directly above another customer’s table, and what seemed like the menu was written on it in marker.
I don’t know if they were taking the hipster thing a bit too far, but we were quite bemused (and a little irritated) that we had to stand awkwardly right in front of other customers to read the menu. CJ wasn’t taking too kindly to the cafe and ordered only a drink, while I had a Green Tea Latte and a Cinnamon Pear tart.
At the counter, the cashier didn’t seem happy when I pulled out a $50 note (taxi driver syndrome anybody?), and asked me for smaller notes. I said I didn’t have anything else on me, and the lady next to him gestured him (as well as told him, but she used another language – really??) to just give me change. He seemed to protest (in that language), and when she replied while gesturing in the same manner she did earlier, he seemed quite unhappy (i.e. black face) and wordlessly passed me my change and receipt before turning his back to us.
The saving grace here was the lady, who then politely gave me my cinnamon pear tart and passed me utensils.
The cinnamon pear tart was quite good. The cinnamon went amazingly well with the crunchy pear. I’m not usually a fan of cinnamon, but this was pretty nice.
The crust, however, was too thin and there was way too little of it. Not in a “lesser pastry, more topping” kind of little, but really, a strange lack of base. Wish there was a little more pastry. Overall, it seemed a little pricey because it was quite small (I think we paid about $5 or $6 for this?)
Won’t lie, the Green Tea latte was goooood. It can totally compare with Starbucks.
Frothy and creamy, but the taste of green tea was still there. Very nice, I was super pleased with the drink ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact I secretly didn’t want to share mine with CJ.
CJ’s Ice-Shaken Lemon Tea (pictured on the left) however… much too sour for my liking. It was refreshing, but a bit too much. He didn’t finish it because the lemon was a tad too strong.
And so, we left.
Address 82 Tiong Poh Road #01-05, Singapore 160082
Phoneย 6222 0400
Opening Hours
Sun – Thur : 11:00am – 9:30pm
Fri & Sat : 11:00am – 11:00pm
Taro Pointsย Green Tea Latte

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