FoodBook: Saveur (Far East Plaza)

In today’s edition of Cheryl’s FoodBook, I bring you something which I have tried thus far only twice, yet has me falling completely and irrevocably in love.
My first experience at Saveur was with my hall girls Ashley and Elizabeth during our post-finals shopping spree at bugis. CJ has a  c r a z y  sense of taste (he’s the real food critic here) and I was dying to bring him to Saveur because, if you haven’t already read my previous snippet on Saveur, their food is heavenly. So my second trip to Saveur was to celebrate our 8 months of togetherness (aww), and there could not have been a more amazing place as Saveur.
Angel Hair Pasta
Seriously. I can’t even begin to tell you the foodgasm we were having right there in our chairs at the Far East Plaza outlet. It was magical. You know how normally pasta ends up either sorely overcooked or tasting as if it hardly touched boiling water? Oh no. Not this pasta.
This pasta was perfect.
You see how perfect it is? I even had to bold the damn word. Typing it in plain font face is an injustice to the chef. Add a little of the pork mash and shrimp onto your fork… -mindblown-
THIS.This was what got me HOOKED on Saveur since the first time I tried. The famous Duck Confit.
A generous duck thigh, slow cooked in fat till its perfectly golden and the skin just slightly crispy, with the tender, tender meat, with just the faintest hint of pink, and which completely melts in your mouth.
If you didn’t believe in a God before, you have got to now. 
And you know what? That’s not even the biggest draw of the dish. (I know, impossibru right??)

The biggest draw (sorry duck), was everything else on the plate.
The heavenly sauteed mushrooms, the orange slices, and THE MASH. Ho mai gawd. 
The mash is the reason why no one who has tried Saveur’s mash will ever eat any other mashed potato ever again. The mash is magical. The mash is beautiful. If I could marry the mash, I WOULD. And CJ would understand.
Seabass on some of the best damn potatoes I’ve ever tasted.
Each of those seven stalks of vegetables had a crazy amount of flavour. And those diced potatoes. Once again, ho mai gawd. If I could cheat on the mashed potato I married earlier, it would be with these diced potatoes.
Excuse me while I salivate as I type this.
We couldn’t take more photos. We just couldn’t. It’s not possible. Not until you’ve finished everything. You try.
Saveur needs to rename themselves “Potato Specialists”

If you really, REALLY wanted me to give you one bad thing about Saveur, it would be that the air-con was a tad strong where we were seated, and it made our food cool too fast. But then again we ate like hungry wolves, so there really wasn’t anything much left on the plate to be cooled…

The queue might be a bit long during peak hours, but they have a neat electronic queueing service, which lets you punch in your mobile number and you can go around shopping Far East while you wait for a table 🙂 Cool huh? Service was pretty good, they don’t sport the “black face “a lot of people in the Singaporean service industry are unfortunately prone to having these days. Definite plus in my book 🙂


Address #01-07B Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd Singapore 228213
Phone 6736 1121(No reservations)
Opening Hours
Sundays: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm
Weekdays & Saturdays: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm
Taro Points The mash. I married it.

Anyway, it was our 8th month celebration and we had just gotten back from a crazily tiring night cycling trip the night before (we were in the lorry though… haha!), so we had to snap some pics! 😀 YAY! Happy 8th Month!!! 😀 😀 😀
TCC’s Oreo Frappe after Saveur, just because I like Oreo 🙂


CJ has a milk mustache hahahaha!
Can pass off as a “Got Milk?” model hor hehehe.
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