Dance Uncensored 2014: Why Do You Dance?

So it’s been 5 days since the last show of DU 2014, and I’ve only managed to settle down to pen down some of my thoughts about my DU journey. Hahaha I’m a terrible procrastinator… but I had work to do 😦 Or did I.

So this is the result of 6 weeks worth of labour 🙂

Where do I begin, where do I begin…

I guess I can start with EHDP 12/13.
I wasn’t a dancer then, but I did audition for EHDP in my freshman year. I remember being particularly worried as I auditioned, because the biggest “dance” experience I had was… rag. And while I treasure the experience and memories, it really isn’t the same as a dance concert. I remember being really, really worried, because at that point I still hadn’t made much friends in hall (D3 formed late y’all) and during the auditions, I remember Bihou KEPT stepping. on. my. shoes. Hahaha but it was quite fun, the EHDP auditions, although it really was quite scary to be dancing like the newbie I am in front of so many seniors. In the end, I was offered two dances, a Hip Hop Dance 5 and Burlesque Dance 2. I was CRAZY happy.

At the same time though, I was in Alpha Verve and I was going down for trainings every week and I really enjoyed my time there. Then came the emails from the DP Comm, telling us to sign up for tech classes within the week, and how practices will be held twice a week from the next week on…. and the realization hit that I cannot commit to both Alpha and EHDP, and I had to pick.

It could be because I hadn’t developed a lot of attachment to hall yet, or it could be because I was more ambitious with what I could learn and achieve at Alpha, but either way, I chose to drop DP in the end. And while I loved my time at Alpha and would never, ever trade it for anything else in the world, there was still a twinge of sadness that I still could not pursue dance even in hall. Seriously eh, only someone as retarded as me can audition and then email the comm to apologize and drop both items. BAH.


Fast forward to EHDP 13/14 , and the auditions call came again.
I was much freer this time around, and whilst I had a whole host of friends to go to auditions with (Eliz, EHOC peeps…), the nervousness still refused to go away (bah, auditions). I left feeling like I didn’t do a very good job. I was worried I wouldn’t get a slot because I heard there were even more dance-hopefuls that year as compared to the previous (and 12/13 was already pretty oversubscribed).

BUT I DID – thank you Vimanda hahahaha for letting me have a try at contemporary dance even though I’m about as graceful as a whale (a baby whale). I grew to love the genre from EHDP 13/14 Dance 7, because while I always thought that I like hip hop/street jazz more, learning from Vimanda and dancing with the retarded/unstable/hilarious people in Dance 7 really made me see just how beautiful contemporary could be. Esp Amanda, because I dropped your item so unexpectedly for EHDP 12/13, I was quite worried you might dislike that annoying freshman girl hahahahha but you took me back in for 13/14!! *cries tears of gratitude* So thank you, thank you Dance 7 again (and again and again) for the experience, and I really can’t wait to do contemporary dance again 🙂


At the end of it though, I was still a little unsatisfied – because I didn’t get to try hip hop.

And then – DU sign ups began.
I struggled with the idea of DU initially, because while I knew that if I did DU, I would dance in Eliz’s item and I would (finally) try hip hop, I wasn’t that sure if I could cope. (I need to add a very belated thank you here, to my choreos and the dance heads (JA/YX) for this hahaha. I solemnly swear I will not be so troublesome ever again *pinky promise*)

And like all things you do without (much) regard for the academic implications, I loved every minute of it.
From the 10PM – 1 2AM practices, to the stress when I was struggling to catch the steps to Get It In (I no haz enuff brain capacity to remember choreography as quickly as I would like unfortunately…), to worrying about the blocking, the layering, the changes, to just having a really, really good time 🙂

I remember the exhaustion after one particularly long practice of learning Tunnel Vision. I remember cleaning Get It In with Audrey many many times, and feeling relieved when we finally got it together. I remember seeing the stressed faces of my choreos one week before DU. I remember Steph sleeping in the studio while waiting for Dark Horse clean ups to start. I REMEMBER THE ARMS CONDITIONING. I hate the song now. HAHA.

Thank you all for the DU experience, I truly did not expect to feel so much for DU, but I do. It is a mix of happiness, of exhaustion, of exhilaration, of hard work…

Thank you Elizhinan for my first hip hop experience! 🙂 It has been fun, and in the princess’ words…


Thank you Elizabeth aka ZABE for taking me under your wing hahaha and sorry for the stress I caused you 😦 But still, it was really fun and fulfilling to have danced in your first choreographed item, and thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made to make Induction. Obsession. Temptation. come to life for us 🙂 ALSO, I’m sad that you’re moving out and I have no more D3 girls but I will go to your room and whine later, not fit for a post-DU reflection hahahahahah! I LUB U.

Thank you Shan Nan, for all that you’ve done for us. It must have been insanely stressful trying to keep up with so many things that refuse to slow down, all while doing your best to deliver an amazing choreography. Despite what you may say, I still think you’re damn inspirational for accomplishing what you have accomplished. Don’t be too harsh on yourself alright 🙂 Enjoy whatever comes your way!!! Time to aim for A grades for 2105!!! Hahahaha.

Thank you Zhi Hao, for just being awesome haha. Seeing you grow from a (rather nervous) first-time choreo to a very confident leader was truly inspiring (actually, from a rather nervous first-time floorballer to be precise hahahaha). With you delivering show-day pep talks with such finesse, it really makes me wonder how 6 weeks can develop someone so drastically xD Keep on dancing – just because you are damn good at it. And come back to hall dammit! 😦

Thank you Audrey, I really am glad I got to know you better through DU 🙂 Even though I have always been going to you for medicine when I’m feeling sick HAHAHAHA but really, thank you for your friendship and for guiding me along, especially when you can catch the steps quickly (and I’m just like, left right whaaaa) and cleaning up with me when I missed prac 🙂 Thank youuuuu! Thank you for being so encouraging during the crucial period when I was quite doubtful of my dancing. Really quite sad that you’re not staying in hall next sem and we can’t dance together anymore, but I’m thankful that we are friends! (And also… your instagram ahhhh!)

Thank you Umi, for being the silly princess you are hahaha. I haven’t had breakfast sessions with you yet, but in time to come yeah xD Thank you for the mini last prac we had right before show-day 2. It was quite funny when we had our music in sync and were squealing while dancing in that tiny little corridor hehehe, definitely made me feel better and less nervous ^^ See you at dance next sem princess! xD

Thank you Yi-Wen, sotong. HAHA. You used to come to prac looking so tired and sometimes unwell, but I’m so glad you pulled through 🙂 I imagine Elizhinan would’ve been very different without you! 🙂 And don’t worry about Dark Horse, I think you did an awesome (sexyyyy) job and you were too appealing for the audience to realize anything was amiss hahahaha! Hope we can dance together more often! ^^

Thank you Elise, for your guidance and friendship! 🙂 Initially I was afraid to talk to you HAHAHA BUT I WAS WRONG!! Thank you for teaching me the steps when I was blur about the transitions, and for just generally being very cool and awesome 🙂 I hope we can dance together more too!!!!!!!

Thank you Sabrina, for letting me apply make up on you HAHAHA it’s been fun getting to know you, and I have a new D3 friend now!!! 😛

Thank you the Dark Horse smexy girls, Steph, Low Ann (ann low!), Arielle, Amadea , for agreeing to join us so late and completing our item! 🙂 Kinda like the final pieces of our EZN puzzle 😀 Although I didn’t get to know you girls as well as I would’ve liked, it was still fun to dance with you all (all dat experience!) and spazz about the costume together in the toilet HAHAHA.

Thank you Wilfred for the guidance you’ve given us and the dance experience you brought to EZN. Thank you for the one-eight worth of NANANANANA steps HAHA ultimate cheatcode to pair with an experienced dancer cause I don’t have to think (much) about the choreo HEHEHEE. Also, I still think BoG is insanely nice to watch and THE SONGS ARE IN MY HEAD. The future generation of Eusoff Dance will not let you down!

Thank you Zai, for the pick-up lines. HAHAHAHAH ABRACADAMN.

Thank you Heng Yang, for helping me with the details/angles of some of the steps that I didn’t manage to catch! 🙂 Watching you dance, I can’t believe you’re the sports director and came up with the lame SMC handshake cause HAHAHAHA okok sorry not lame but you know what I mean la xD Hopefully you get to rest properly now, and heal up in time for more DP/DU!

Thank you Taoyee for being… Taoyee. HAHAHA it’s been great to dance with you again, you’re as nonsense as ever but it really brings a lot of laughter to the dance 🙂 Thanks for the motorcycle helmet, gave me a rather Daft Punk-esque photo hahaha!

To the rest of the guys – Jun An, Wilson, Jun Rong, Bihou, Brandon and Joel – although I didn’t get to talk to you guys much, but still thank you for the shared experience of being in EZN! 🙂 Jun An, please refer to above thank-you, if not I wouldn’t even be in EZN haha! And yeah like what Umi said. Knick knack on the beach HAHAHA. Wilson, thank you for the pro-ness you’ve brought to EZN!! Jun Rong, for being the male version of Princess (what’s this about Mr President) and practicing so hard every time before prac, another inspirational one!! 🙂 Bihou, for stepping on my shoes during 12/13 auditions HAHA. No la, but thanks for guiding the item at its infancy stage during the first couple of pracs! Brandon, for letting us comment about your damn spiky hair HAHA. And thank you Joel, for your hard work and dedication 🙂


I can’t really find a good way to end this damnnn long-winded thank you note, so for once more –
THANK YOU everyone, for letting me finally live the Eusoff Dance dream 🙂


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