FoodBook: Flock Cafe

Short post today just to update y’all ๐Ÿ™‚

The visit to Flock Cafe was actually pretty long ago! This was before Cinyi flew to the Netherlands for her exchange – which explains the flower crowns hehehe.

She handmade all the hairbands with love, and customized the colours to our personalities!! How sweet!!!! I bet all of you are jealous ๐Ÿ˜› I feel like a flower princess whenever I wear it hehe. All I need is a meadow of flowers, a beautiful blue sky, and a photographer. HAHAHA.ย A girl must always fulfill her dreams you know?

But Cheryl, no one wants to hear about your fantasies okay okay I hear you *grumbles*ย on to the cafe…

Flock is a quaint little place serving simple foodfare and good coffee. I say this because I absolutely looooove their flat white. You rarely see Cheryl, sweet-tooth extraordinaire, drinking unsweetened coffee.

But when you do,ย you know it’s good.ย 

Yes, that is how I judge good coffee ladies and gentlemen. The amount of sugar I add.
It’s pretty accurate if I do say so myself.

Worthy of mention is also their PULLED PORK SANDWICH AHHHH this post is late by 3 months but I can still feel the tenderness of the meat in my mouth. Yum yum yum. So delish. Much nice.

It wasn’t even my sandwich either – it was Peishan’s. I nicked a bite and like a fish and its worms,ย I was hooked. Dammit my degenerative use of similes.

I had the prawn/avocado sandwich myself, and it was delicious too.
Warm and crisp thick toast with huge, succulent prawns… oh man I’m hungry now, and it’s not even 4pm :

Service was good, and I like that it was a moderately quiet cafe. Noisy cafes just make you wanna eat and get the hell out, don’t they? Flock is perfect for a weekend chillout with good, simple food and some wonderful coffeeeeeee.



#01-25, 78 Moh Guan Terrace (Tiong Bahru area)

Opening Hours
Mon: 09:00 – 17:00
Wed – Sun: 09:00 – 17:00
Closed: Tue

Taro Points
Pulled Pork Sandwich


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