Hannah Banana is 21!!

The 14th of April will be a day of epic proportions because…….

Guess who’s turning the legal age of 21!!!!!



Guys, this girl is one of the few, few reasons why I love Eusoff Hall so much 🙂 Hannah’s my neighbie in Year 1 Sem 1, when we were still young and impressionable and innocent and clubbing every now and then.



This silly girl is finally 21, can you believe it? xD I remember when Hannah first moved up to D3, between Elizabeth and I (omg you’re between Eliz and I in the polaroid Hannah!!!!), she played all this cool music every night and I was just like wow I need to get her playlist HAHAHA. I really really loved having Hannah as my neighbour (cause she was so cool and chill and #independentwoman you know?) and I felt like I could connect with her on a lot of levels hehehe.

We’re same-same but different, very very different. Hahahaha how do I put this accurately.

I’m really sad that Hannah’s not gonna be in hall anymore… when she first came back in Year 2 Sem 2 (surprise which did not really work hahahahh) we were all SHO HAPPY like little kids in a playground just, SHOOOO HAPPY. But she had moved into E Block, which is kinda far (but not very far at the same time, hmm…) and we couldn’t hang out like we used to 😦 And I couldn’t see her speed-walking past my room in a towel anymore HAHAHAH no but seriously. Much sad 😦

That plus, Elizabeth and I took up both Dance Production and Dance Uncensored this year, which basically resulted in us having almost zero social life throughout much of Sem 2. And in the end we couldn’t spend time with Banana, and she started going home more….. 😦 😦 😦 And she just started having Hall Dinner too 😦


So Hannah, I’m sorry I couldn’t spend more time with you this year 😦

But trust me when I say I love you and I love hanging out with you! Be it at the crub, or out venturing for ice cream, or even just bumming around in your (colourful) room! You’ve really made a positive difference in my life, and you’ve always helped me see beyond my very narrow vision (I Singapore born-and-bred lah hehehe). You’re a super special friend to meeeee!! I really wish I had met you earlier hehehehe 😛 Then I will have the rights to call myself your BFFRRRRR (in case you’re wondering, that’s Best Friend ForeveRRRR) – but as of now, I don’t have the rights so….


*sulks in a corner*

Thank you for all the (mis?)adventures in the past year and a half!!!! 😀 I really, truly enjoyed all of them (driving around looking for ice cream, dancing outside your door, falling asleep in your room, driving me to Vivo so that I could buy a cake one random night, baby lizard adventures, beetles in a bottle, decorating our corridor, dragging me out to have Sushi Tei for dinner because I was on the verge of dying while studying for finals, going to Zouk early in the morning and worrying about crowd response and rehearsing lame lines, and then just downing 3 Blue Spins and winging it together for Eusoff Bash (we has chemistry!!) going for vegetarian dinners, crubbing HAHA, playing Heads Up until we died laughing, singing EDM off-tune and VERY LOUDLY in your car after yoga, being domestic goddesses, stealing mouthfuls of your Rosé while you weren’t looking… THIS IS LOVE) and I will miss you so so so so much when you’re not in hall, when you graduate, when you’re married……. *sobbing*


So I guess I just want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! 🙂

I’m so thankful I met you, and that we’re buddies 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m very grateful that you don’t deem me a complete loser/nerd/no-social-life person, (OR MAYBE YOU DO?!) and that we’re very gud gud gud fwens 😀

This is like one of those rare university friendships that you KNOW is not superficial or hi-bye, and it’s just something really really beautiful and I just can’t explain it in words, except to say THANK YOU for treating me like a good friend of yours and loving an annoying shortie like me 😀

The polaroid of loooooove.


Some random snaps from Hannah’s Colourful 21st Partaytay yesterday!

Which served some of the most amazing food I swear. I was wearing a cropped tee, but all thoughts of self-consciousness and embarrassment went out the window with my first mouthful of rendang.

Here’s Wanni all red and high after half a cup of champagne hahahaha this girl is another sotong I love!
Serving dessert to the guests! Hannah’s mom saw us lounging around the pudding, and tasked us with preparing and serving it (much to Angie’s delight). Just look at Angie. HAHAHA. It may or may not have been a good idea to give this job to 5 bimbo girls teehee.
And here’s CJ with this bubble ears!!! HAHAHA.

Thank you for having us at your party Hannah!!! ❤

Have a SUPER 21st birthday, and see you next week for the usual routine 😉 HAHAHA. Ok time for us to get some work done *rolls up sleeves*


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