How To Throw A Tea Party

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What makes a good tea party?

1. Food/Venue
2. Decoration/Ambience
3. Cake
4. People

Or at least, this was what made my 21st tea party so absolutely perfect ❤

1. Food/Venue

Admitedlty, the food and venue issues took the longest to iron out. I was deciding between a cafe, the poolside, a plain old function room in a random condo, and my house. Yeah the range is pretty diverse, and being fickle-minded didn’t help either. I kept going back and forth between spending a bomb on the venue and the food, but having the comfort of knowing that the place will look good, versus spending much, much lesser and possibly having a very plain party.

In the end, I decided on booking The Muffinry, which may have been the best decision I made, because the owner, Shareen was so quick in replying and providing expert advice to a very noob pseudo party panner like myself, that it made my planning process like 1000000x easier!!! I cannot imagine working with anyone less helpful than her and her team at Muffinry! Unfortunately, I never got to meet Shareen because she was away when I went down for my complimentary food tasting session (Yes they have that! No obligations!!! That kind of service should put the other cafes to shame, haha! And Sharon the Muffin Mama even gave me double the amount I was allowed cause she saw that I had CJ with me that day omg *touched* *cries*). She also wasn’t around on my party itself, but again, Sharon and the other staff were very kind and helpful 🙂

R1006247R1006255Buffet table completely done up by Sharon!! I wish I had taken better shots. It was so gorgeous!

R1006248R1006249R1006250Pesto Chicken Sliders

R1006251Smoked Salmon Sliders – AMAZING PLS.

R1006252Assortment of mini pies and muffins

R1006253R1006254R1006257My menu! Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti (absolutely divine), Beef Chilli Con Carne Pies, Chicken Stew Pies, Ham & Cheese Quiche, Spinach Mushroom Quiche, Smoked Salmon Sliders (mouth watering), Pesto Chicken Sliders, Banana Choco Walnut Muffins, Apple Blueberry Crumble Muffins, Strawberry and Cream Tarts, Creme Brulee Tarts, Fudgy Brownies and free-flow honey lemon and grape fizz! 😀

I designed the graphics with the help of some free printables from! I did some edits because I didn’t quite like the colour palette of the free printables – thank god for Photoshop!

R1006258Also designed some Eat Me toppers à la Alice In Wonderland – I think this was about the only touch of Wonderland that day… everything else was just Tea Party because I suck at sticking to themes hahaha!

R1006264Last shot of my gorgeous pink/gold buffet table! And one of the balloon buntings overhead!!! 😀 They took SO LONG to do – so time consuming and tedious!! They kept getting tangled and knotted together and I had to keep re-stringing them. So beautiful, and yet so annoying.


2. Decoration/Ambience

IMG_2811 Hannah my beautiful, amazing banana offered to come help me decorate!!! Initially I didn’t ask anyone because I was under the very naive, very very mistaken idea that I could do up the decorations myself. HOW WRONG I WAS!! Hannah met me at Bugis that day to pick up some party decorations and drove me to Muffinry! I sat on the backseat, keeping the crazy helium balloons at bay lest her vehicle became a clown car. Here’s me swooning over my first present of the day (thank you Hannah!!!! <3) while being eaten up by balloons haha!

R1006244 R1006246 R1006409 Set up a little corner to basically force people to write small notes to me. I love reading letters and notes, it just feels so heartwarming 🙂 Also came up with a ridiculous poem but nobody read it /hurt

IMG_2814IMG_2815 R1006412R1006457“It’s Always Tea Time” bunting which I stayed up till 2am to design. I should have stuck them at my buffet table instead of the mirror – they didn’t get the attention they deserved!!!

R1006263My amazing Sisdys also came down early to help with the decorations!! This “signpost” was made by Chek and GST! Mad hatter enough? 😀 I’m so glad I managed to get this up! I’d always wanted a signpost like this after seeing about a billion of them on Pinterest, and with all the rush and stress regarding my food/guestlist/deco, I initially forgot about it!!! :O Only remembered a few hours before the party and begged the two of them to make little signs for me to paste onto the pillar!

I’d say it’s a pretty decent effort, yes? 😀

R1006410R1006411Table decorations and reusable takeaway bags provided for free by the awesome folk at Muffinry!! *happy*

3. Cake

The cake. THE CAKE.
The price of the cake was almost half of my entire venue+food at Muffinry. It brought my total party bill to approx 1k.

But I didn’t pay 1k.
Guess who bought my gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and absolutely divine cake as a present to me T____T *touched*

R1006310It was everything I imagined, only more pastel, more whimsical, more darling and more beautiful than I thought it would be. It was the two-tiered epitome of gorgeous.

4″ teacup shaped Red Velvet cake with white chocolate filling, covered in fondant and moulded to look like an upside-down teacup, set atop an 8″ Rainbow cake with salted caramel filling, covered in smooth baby pink buttercream. Complete with cream roses and little sugar buds cascading down the side from the teacup, a fondant gold pocketwatch, embossed ribbon labels and my big name in front!!!! *IN LOVE*

R1006311The side of the cake got a bit smushed, probably from all the moving around. And yet it still looks so perfect!!

R1006312R1006313R1006316R1006320Feeling so blessed… 🙂 With the sweetest boy in the entire universe. Thank you for everything 🙂

Many months ago, CJ promised to plan my party start to finish and all I had to do was turn up. I later use this as ammo against him >:) Hahah but he got busy with his internship, and I am really just very thankful that he not only settled my cake for me, but bought it. And it looks so DREAMY! 😀 I have both the best birthday cake and the best boyfriend in the world.




Can’t remember why I looked like I wanted to punch somebody at the start but… hahahah yay I’m glad this moment was captured! 😀

IMG_2829Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!! It felt nice having everyone near and dear to me sing a birthday song for me hehehe.

R1006349R1006350And the cake-cutting begins! 😀

R1006356R1006359R1006372Gorgeous, gorgeous rainbow

R1006373IMG_2835R1006381R1006384R1006394Banana helping me with the cutting and serving 😀 And also feeding me bite-sized potions of my cake hehe it was delicious!! A little creamy after a while, but it was happiness and gratitude in every bite 🙂 CJ bought it from myfatladycakes, and while I initially wasn’t too happy that they took very long to respond (they had an external project apparently!), they really delivered. The owner even gave us free cupcakes because she was concerned that the size we ordered might not be big enough to feed all my guests (it was!). Such kindness 🙂 I am so truly blessed! 😀

4. People

R1006260 R1006268 R1006274
I am so truly blessed. Above pictured are my aunt (my first guest!!), Chek & GST (sisdys who came early to help and I just love them so much!) and my beautiful Hannah (who sacrificed almost her whole day to help me! So indebted to her ❤ ) What would my life be without my family and my sweet, amazing friends? I feel so blessed I had the privilege to know so many fantastic and gold-hearted people ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you, the heavens, the upper beings, the stars, for surrounding me with these amazing people.

My sweet aunt!! Only 13 years older than I, and my sister and I have always seen her as our eldest sister hehehe. I love my 姨姨! She took care of me since my 1st birthday to my 21st… I haven’t been the best niece to her during my rebellious, angry teenage years, but I can only hope to be a good niece to her from now onwards 🙂

R1006281 R1006284
Sisdys forever! + my lovely 18/10 class from JC!


IMG_2823My wonderful hall friends! Hall has completely changed my life and helped me grow. There’s a lot of independence in Hall – beyond just washing your own laundry and cleaning your own room, there were many times when decisions had to be made or things to be done, and it required a fair amount of responsibility. I think that is that is the magic of Hall. It forces you to grow up and take responsibility for your choices, your emotions, your actions, and yet it shelters you, and surrounds you with like-minded and wonderful people who are more than willing to struggle and grow with you, just because they are your neighbours/friends/hallmates.

It is a wonderful place and I am so incredibly grateful I had the luck to meet so many talented, kind and lovely people in Eusoff.


Joyce, fellow D3 girl, table tennis teammate and my floorball goalie! Thank you for everything, especially your support. I wish I had gotten to know you much, much better in Year 1, but for now I really am thankful to know you 🙂 Can’t wait for you to be back from NOC!! We’ll study together okay! 😀


You’ve seen this dark-skinned beauty way too many times on my blog hahaha! This is the extent of my loveeee for my FFL 🙂 Thank you Banana. I love you infinitely!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

R1006300 R1006329SDE friends! Thank you everyone for attending lectures with me/going for tutorials with me/bitching about professors with me/revising with me/teaching me/helping me. Uni will not be as fun without you guys!! 😀

R1006327And also these bunch of people – so hilarious, so warm and so lovely. I love you guys!! ❤

R1006280R1006306 R1006330

My dearest EHOC buddies! So many couldn’t make it! 😦 Sadddd. But I’m still grateful that this bunch came to celebrate with me!! I still remember dying in the Board Room with you guys, crying in the days leading up to the camp, coming up with crazy Hogwarts games and decorations, playing with the Dining Hall lights as we rehearsed having DumbleKang walking towards the Teacher’s Table, “clubbing” in the basketball court with you guys and just dying of exhausion on the very last day of Harry Pott(EH). It has been a magical journey. That adventure was one year ago, and I am still as thankful that I found all of you amazing people through EHOC. Thank you for everything guys! ❤


Put Me on AutoDrive. Hello band. You guys are amazing and I cannot believe we have actually performed together, a bunch of us 14/15 year old wannabes. Hahahaha! And look where we all are now 🙂 Secondary school would not have been as jammin’ without you guys. I still remember our classmates in 2G making fansigns for us HAHAHAHA OH MAN.

R1006295R1006305R1006323 The most amazing bunch of people in the world. Thank you for growing up with me. Thank you for the laughter, the fun, the alcohol nights and the vacations. Who gets to grow up with a clique like this nowadays? 😀 Thank you Tubbers! I love all of you, and y’all can never be replaced in my heart 🙂

R1006292 R1006326


My musketeers!! My sisters. My love for you guys runs too deep. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m sorry I allowed our friendships to grow distant in JC, and I promise I will never let it happen again. Thank you for being by me, and never forgetting about me. Thank you for the memories in secondary school, the epic moments together with the Tubbers. We are gold.

R1006343 R1006346 My beautiful family. I’m sorry if I have been a nasty little teenager in the past xD HAHA! I promise I will make you all proud 🙂

R1006452Love ❤ Thank you for everything.

R1006459 R1006461

Thank you.
I might not have the biggest house, the bestest brain, the nicest face or the tallest body (hahaha!), but I am so thankful to be surrounded with so many people who truly love me and care for me. I don’t know what I have done in this lifetime to deserve all these wonderful, wonderful people and the unconditional love they heap generously upon me, but I can only hope to return the favour.
Thank you for your friendships, your care and your love. Without you guys, I doubt I will amount to much.
Thank you all, for being the tea-time I need while I take on life and its challenges. I love all of you so much ❤

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