#taretravels: Hungarian Parliament Building & Buda Castle


After arriving at Berlin on the 21st of June, the travel buddy and I had a good night experiencing the World Cup Fever at the Brandenberg Gate for the first time (post soon!). As amazing as it was, we still had an early morning flight out to Budapest and before we knew it, here we were.





Truth be told, we got a little lost finding our hostel. It was a harrowing way to start our Budapest adventures! 😦 Stupidly, we forgot that we had paper maps and desperately tried to use data to access Google Maps but (luckily?) neither of us could. We walked the streets aimlessly for about half an hour, with 10kg worth of belongings on our backs and desperation on our minds.

They really should rethink the way they are naming their streets.

R1006814 R1006815

A lot of moaning and whining ensued, but of course we found our way in the end. We bid our luggages good riddance and set forth on our journey!!! 😀

At Olympia Park with Jiawen, a newfound friend! 😀

We had a quick stroll along the riverside, and quickly found our first tourist-spot, the Hungarian Parliament building!





R1006852 R1006854

We were fortunate enough to catch the flag-lowering ceremony 🙂

R1006861 R1006862

Gothic architecture in all its grand, unworldly wonder.



R1006872 R1006874

Shoes on the Danube Bank Memorial…

R1006879 R1006890 R1006892 R1006896 R1006918 R1006922

It was a tough climb to get up to Buda Castle, but the view was insanely spectacular:





Why hello there, Castle. Aren’t you pretty today.

Here in Europe, the sun only sets at 9.30pm.
And here in Europe, the sun sets in the most breathtaking way.

R1006946 R1006955
Safe to say, within those short hours, I was completely blown away by the beauty of Budapest. While it may appear similar to other historic European cities, its charm is unique.

Old, but grand. Intimidating, yet breathtaking. Buda and Pest. So understated as compared to its neighbouring capitals, but so raw in its appeal. I’d recommend Budapest to anyone in a heartbeat don’t go to Prague!!!

And hey, if gothic architecture is not your thing (it scares me to be honest), you should definitely check out Fisherman’s Bastion & the Szechenyi Spa, my top two favourite places in Budapest with the most spectacular views! (Maybe not so much for the latter though… Lots of old people. But the buildings are still nice haha).


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