#taretravels: Fisherman’s Bastion

R1006994 Fisherman’s Bastion – easily my favourite place in Budapest. Its architecture is clean, but stunning. Oh and the view –  to die for. I’d never gotten a better view of Budapest anywhere else, and it has got so many different angles of the city that you wouldn’t even mind climbing the billions to steps to get to the Bastion!

Its gorgeous design also meant a lot of opportunities to satiate a girl’s every OOTD whim and fancy, opportunities which we of course immediately put to good use.

R1007032R1007078 R1007077 R1007074

It is said that the Bastion was named after the guild of fishermen who were responsible for defending this stretch of the city walls during the Middle Ages. It surrounds the Matthias Church – which we didn’t even enter because we were too busy cooing over the beauty the Bastion has to offer.

R1007066 Where have my beautiful red splashlights gone 😦 As I type this, I am left with but a shadow of my hair’s former fiery glory. My redlights now look like the colour you’d get when you tried to mix green and red together in hopes of a wonderful marriage of colours, only to get some shitty sort of murky brown. Dammit hair! You cost close to $400!!!! T___T

R1007056 R1007053 R1007050 I cannot get enough of the view. I just. Cannot.

R1007049 R1007048 Oh hi, just sitting around (while people danced and darted around the camera, trying not to spoil the picture hahaha). In the name of humour, I’d say that for every marvelous OOTD taken, a behind-the-scene shot has to follow. It’s hilarious!! 😀 Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

R1007026 R1007022 R1007019 Can you spot the Cheryl? 😀

R1007018 R1007017*looks at hair in sadness*

R1007009 R1007004 R1007003 R1007000 Budapest is an incredibly scenic place, and I somehow feel it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. You hear people raving about Prague and Vienna all day, but Budapest just sits quietly in a corner, waiting to be noticed. Perhaps that’s what makes this city so beautiful though. Relatively untouched, somewhat more peaceful – you don’t have alleyways upon alleyways of shops targeted at tourists, and you don’t have crazy prices in a currency that isn’t very strong. No, Budapest is a whole lot more enjoyable.

R1006983 R1006985 R1006988 Was laughing pretty hard at this. COFFEE, TEA, RUM OR BUM ??

R1006989 R1006991 R1006992 If you’re looking for the perfect place to get a magnificent view of Budapest and its Danube River, take my advice and head straight for the Bastion. The Castle gives you a spectacular view of the Chain Bridge at night when it lights up, but if you’re looking for breathtaking views, the wind in your face, and a backdrop so perfect it’d make every model jealous, head  straight for the Bastion. You are very welcome.


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