#taretravels: St. Stephen’s Basilica

R1007094It’s the 31st of July now, and I visited the St. Stephen’s Basilica on the 23rd of June!
Has it really been a month since I was at the grand, wonderful city of Budapest?? It’s so unbelievable. Why is time passing so quickly? 😦

R1007091R1007092Budapest has been really magical. I truly enjoyed my time in the city.
Before I went, I thought that I wouldn’t like it because it seemed so meh. I mean really, what is Budapest famous for? People talk about the capitals of France/Czech/Austria all the time, but all Hungary seemed to receive were some poorly-thought food jokes (or lack thereof – hahahaha geddit geddit).

R1007095 An abundance of love locks in Europe… Such a romantic continent le sigh. I wonder why they are facing declining birth rates.

R1007103So on today’s itinerary, we will be visiting the beautiful, beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica! It is a Roman Catholic basilica, and is the third largest church building in Hungary. It also houses the right hand of St. Stephen I of Hungary in the reliquary.

Yes, an actual right hand. It didn’t seem very much like a right hand, but it was, and it was un-freaking-believable (holy shit are those his fingers??). No photos, because it’s a relic and you should go see it for yourself.


R1007107I love this girl, she is so awesome and yet so silly at the same time HAHA.

R1007116 R1007121The interior of the basilica was GORGEOUS. I’ve been into a few cathedrals throughout my adventures in Europe, but St. Stephen’s really wins it all. Gorgeous marble pillars, gorgeous cupola (look at that stunning detail!!!), gorgeous altar, GORGEOUS EVERYTHING.

It’s probably because the basilica’s architectural style is Neo-Classical, which is why everything is so grand and colourful and beautiful. Most of the other cathedrals I’ve visited are Gothic. You know, those scary types with stone gargoyles and intimidating interiors? Still beautiful in their own way, but the St. Stephen’s – sigh.


And what’s a visit to St. Stephen’s Basilica without a climb to the top of the dome?? 😀 Please enjoy the stunning views:
R1007140 R1007158 R1007164 R1007174SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN’T EVEN.

R1007189Does the fact that this photo is kinda slanted irk anyone? HAHAHA. Omg I look tall here *celebration* Oh right.

It really is a visual highlight of my travels in Budapest. Not only are the architecture and interior beautiful, the view on the top of the dome was pretty inspiring too! At least, if you don’t enjoy buildings and scenery, you get to have a whole lot of wind in your face, and that can only be a plus point right? 😀


Budapest was an unexpected eye-opener. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the place at first, but I was quite wrong. I like Budapest – way more than I thought I would. Way more than Prague (hahaha). For that, I think everyone should visit Budapest and experience its quiet beauty firsthand 🙂 This incredible, under-appreciated city may surprise you just like it did me.


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