#taretravels: Széchenyi Thermal Bath


Everybody say hello to the amazing, stunning Széchenyi Thermal Bath!! It is the largest medicinal bath in all of Europe, and the water is supplied by two thermal springs 😀

Adopting the typical “save-the-best-for-the-last” aunty mentality, we planned to visit the famous bath on the very last day of our Budapest trip. All that walking!!! All that shopping!!!!!!! The bath was meant as a reward for doing our part to boost Budapest’s economy 😀

R1007243 R1007244Every picture looks like a dream 🙂 Minus the half-naked grandpas 😦
We hopped on a train in the early hours of a dreary Tuesday morning and were very quickly brought to this amazing spa! It was so accessible, just a few minutes away from the Széchenyi fürdõ train station. It was a grey, cloudy morning, and we kept praying fervently that it wouldn’t rain and put a dampener on our plans 😦 AND IT DIDN’T, YAY!!! BUDAPEST LOVES US.

R1007250 R1007251There are three pools at the outdoor baths (unfortunately we were too noob to notice that there were supposedly jacuzzis and stuff indoors? Idk woe betide). Two of them are thermal pools, while the one in the middle is a regular swimming pool. With cold water, mind. I got a rude shock, jumping in thinking it was as warm as the other pools. BUT NO.

R1007259 R1007260 R1007261I really love the whole colour palette of the bath. Brilliant yellow buildings, bright blue waters, deep green leaves and the most quaint, perfect little red petals. It was wonderful just walking around the compound, much less soaking in the soothing waters.

The three of us sat in the pool for about an hour (waaaay beyond the recommended 20 minutes haha), discussing the wonders of life and judging people who wore makeup into the bath.

R1007270There was a cafe there which we carefully avoided… because #broke.

R1007275 R1007283Super happy 🙂 I think the spa is a real big reason why I left Budapest with such happy thoughts. Really the perfect way to end a tiring three days of getting lost, walking for miles and walking for some more miles. What body ache? What leg pain? ALL I REMEMBER IS THE SPAAAA.

R1007297Heroes Square in the distance

R1007310Also loving their metro’s hand grips!!! Real leather y’all.

R1007395Also loving my travel buddy! 😀
Thank you for bringing me along with you on this adventure! Without you, I doubt I would have even dared to accept my summer school to Humboldt. Thanks for putting up with me, a very very noob traveller xD Thank you for all the laughter, all the jokes, all the wrong turns we took, and all the wonderful memories!! I’ll see you when school starts!!! ❤

R1007360 R1007358 R1007398

Budapest in a word: Beautiful.
I know I said ‘Grand’ previously on my instagram, but really. There is nothing more grand than Budapest’s beauty.
Next Stop: Prague!!!

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