Fairy Princess

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Top Fox-Out / Skirt ShopFleurdelis / Shoes From Taiwan
Photography by Kannan’s Photography / Edited by me

When my darling friend Michelle invited me to help shoot some skirts (alliteration! I still got it!) for her online store one day, I of course agreed immediately!! I had never  been to a shoot before, and I was so curious as to how they were done. Blogshop modeling is such a lucrative industry now – they are like OOTDs, but a thousand times more glamourous, and which (girly) girl wouldn’t love to call taking OOTDs her full time job??

So one VERY sunny Sunday morning, Michelle and I met up at the Botanic Gardens, her pulling a pink luggage behind her. It was stuffed to the brim with beautiful clothes samples, and gorgeous flower crowns, and sweet little bouquets of all colours and sizes – and that was when I went, woah this blogshop modeling thing is serious business.

Well, all I can say that it isn’t as glamourous as it looks and a lot of hard work and dedication is involved. Behind those amazing pictures, those blogshop models really have it tough!! I will spare you the agonizing details of how I was changing into and out of the tulle skirts in public. Hahahaha. It wasn’t even half an hour into the shoot and I was already sweating buckets and had been the subject of many mozzies’ tender loving care and attention. Don’t know how people can do this for sustained periods of time – I was pooped. I did manage to climb a tree in that skirt though!!! Living my glamourous jungle-girl dreams, and it was really a lot of fun 😀

I am so happy with the pictures!! So tulle, such pastel. I felt like I was walking on clouds, or at least, wearing one. They are inner lined, and come in so many pretty, pretty shades. And they are SO POCKET-FRIENDLY!!! Stay tuned to ShopFleurdelis, and get your own dreamy tulle midi ASAP!!!


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