#taretravels: On the Charles Bridge (and then across)

R1007546 R1007545 R1007549R1007548R1007743

We crossed the beautiful Charles Bridge on the second day of our Prague trip. The statues were particularly stunning, and despite complaining about the plethora of vendors in Prague, I actually really liked the little trinkets and things that were being sold on the bridge. There were caricatures and keychains and paintings of all shapes and sizes. It was truly unique and I was very excited to explore whatever was on display on the bridge – so much more interesting than the souvenir shops, I think!


The only thing that made sense on the road signs we saw were “metro”. Needless to say, we were terrified of being lost.

R1007567 R1007568 R1007569
We met up with Jiawen’s two other friends, and had the most delicious, famous Honey Cake from this dessert shop across the bridge! It was really tasty, but I honestly liked the apple pie the most!!

I think the coolest thing throughout my summer exchange was that there were just so many NUS friends overseas!! I met Shirlynn in Singapore, and through her, we met Jiawen in Budapest and Prague. Through Jiawen, we met three more friends in Prague. In Berlin, there were 7 of us NUS-Berliners, and through one of them I met another friend in Cologne

Is it not mad??? But so very, very cool!! I feel truly blessed to have made so many new friends in one summer exchange alone. I envisioned being alone much of the time, but I couldn’t be more wrong… I was surrounded with friends, and we shared so many wonderful experiences together, I feel like I must have struck a lottery somehow!! 😀

Thank you, to whoever was part of my summer exchange. It has been magical.

R1007573 R1007576

Spot the Jiawen xD

We climbed up the steep slopes to get to Prague Castle & the St Vitus Cathedral. Though we didn’t enter the cathedral (and were also severely unimpressed with the castle), the view from the top was marvellous.

R1007584 R1007589 R1007591

Idk what’s with the macabre statues o_o


We were also lucky enough to witness a marching!! They look so smart in blue!!! Too bad we couldn’t get a closer look, because….


Just look at that crowd. Oh my goodness.


With my guard ❤ Who is also wearing Ray-Bans hahahah.

R1007609 R1007627 R1007628 R1007638

And the very gothic, very intimidating St Vitus Cathedral!

Isn’t it a real work of art though!! I still can’t believe it was completed in the freaking 1920s. That is close to a century ago!!!! Madness!!! Studying PFM has made me particularly aware of building structures and construction methods. Please excuse me while I spaz over the building.



We saw a lonely boy on our way back down the hill.

R1007662 R1007672 R1007682 R1007683 R1007684

Our own attempt at #Keukenhof because we can’t get the real thing (damn timing!!!)

R1007704 R1007720

This really reminded me of the chariot on the Brandenberg Gate. #patriotic #Berlin

My most favourite memory however, has got to be getting a caricature of myself on the Charles Bridge 🙂 We walked up and down the bridge, comparing prices (there were SO MANY artists you can’t help but feel bad for them for having to face stiff competition every. single. day) and just generally being very annoying tourists.

We finally settled on this quiet guy, second artist from the Old Town Square side of the bridge. Admittedly I was a little kiasu with him because we heard that we can’t go down without a fight when it comes to prices, and he was definitely a little upset with me (hehe oops). But when we finally agreed on a price and he started drawing, I couldn’t help but smile as he drew. That exuberant aura he emitted as he put pencil, charcoal and ink to paper was truly infectious.

R1007725 R1007726R1007733

Gawwww, just look at his happy face 😀 😀 😀
Makes me happy that he is enjoying his work. I wanted to give him more (but I didn’t la…. cause #broke).


When I showed my mom the drawing back in Singapore, she said the caricature looked nothing like me, and that it probably wasn’t money well-spent.

Yet when I look at it, I see not just a drawing of myself, but this jovial artist putting his talent and his heart on paper, laughing and chuckling to himself the whole while. It was really wonderful. Despite the rough experiences we had in Prague, the memory of this man drawing his heart out will always put a smile on my face 🙂


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