#taretravels: 5 Things To Do In Prague For Free (Almost)

1. Have a picnic in a playground

R1007754 R1007772 R1007778

Even better if the playground is semi-abandoned, has an antique merry-go-round, and overlooks the German embassy (free World Cup screening over lunch? Hell yes!) This was the second day of our Prague adventure, and somehow, we were already running out of things to do. Yes, yes I said it. We were bored of Prague. Don’t kill me now, y’all. As previously explained, Prague and us… we don’t really go well together unfortunately.

Our initial plan was to hike up to the Petřín Lookout Tower – which really resembles the Eiffel Tower by the way – and maybe get some nice, lovely touristy shots (what we do best… amirite?), all while pretending that we were in Paris.

Unfortunately, we can’t read Czechish – and we can’t really read maps either. The path up to said tower was deserted. Nobody. Zlich. Just an old, beaten path up a very dubious, very dark, very overgrown hill. We looked at each other and went…. NOPE.

And so we settled on this (similarly deserted) playground at the foot of the hill. It looked like it could have once been the epitome of careless, happy, youthful fun. It was slightly overgrown with weeds, and the paint looked like it had weathered one too many storms. But otherwise, everything was in working condition, so the children in us claimed it as our own.


Rustic see-saw anyone?

Also in abundance were lovely old brick walls, plaster chipped in all the right places. Who could resist a few OOTDs? 😀 (Apparently Jia Wen can resist hahaha!)


Don’t scoff at the fashion y’all. I was running out of things to wear.

2. Beer Museum

R1007819 R1007822

Ok, I know I said “free”, but beer is CHEAP guys!

Out of all the beers I’ve had in my short one month stay in Europe, my favourite has got to be Černá Hora. Caramelly, well-balanced, literally what I would term as bittersweet.

We camped out at the Prague Beer Museum to watch the Belgium v Korea match (if I didn’t remember wrongly). Almost everyone was rooting for Belgium there, and we were debating whether or not we should stand up and drunkenly yell “GO KOREAAAAAH” and risk being beaten into pulps, because… you know. #asianpride

(We didn’t, in case you were wondering. #asian)

3. Marvel at the Dancing House


Shirlynn’s a budding architect, and as a PFM student myself, I can’t tell you the number of times this Dancing House appeared in my lecture notes. The two of us were mad excited to finally see the gorgeous building for ourselves, and we painstakingly scheduled it into our itinerary, google maps and all, after coming back from the playground.

Little did we know, it was just down the street and a left turn away from our apartment .___.
(I did say we can’t really read maps right?)

Time spent: 5 minutes, just snapping pictures and nothing else.

It was a little bit underwhelming, but hey. It’s like seeing a real life Disney Princess for the first time right? You’ve read so much about her and you spend a significant portion of your time studying her, so when you see her with your very own eyes for the first time, your heart just can’t go meh no matter how much your head wants to. (Or is it just me?)

4. Have dinner at your local Botel


My pretty dates for the night!

So we decided that we deserved a good treat after all that walking and picture-taking. Just down the road from the Dancing House, we spotted a quaint little boat docked along the harbour. At first we thought it was just another tour boat, but we realized that there were restaurant tables inside! It was already our last dinner in Prague – and coupled with the fact that we had almost nothing to do the whole day besides wandering around town – we thought it was reason enough to pamper ourselves a little 🙂


The interior. Isn’t it gorgeous?? So chic and luxurious, yet incredibly warm with all that wooden fittings and furnishes. And why does this make it to the 5 Things to Do In Prague for Free (Almost) list? It was all for s$28. *pats self on back* Best S$28 spent.

R1007954 R1007955 R1007956 R1007960R1007965Seafood risotto, Carbonara, Octopus slices, Salmon/Cheese Soup and a divine, divine strawberry Panna Cotta. Oh, it was the life.


You get the idea.

5. Enjoy the gorgeous view

R1007930R1007815 R1007932R1007963 R1007936

Prague and us, we might not go well together. But if there’s one thing we cannot deny, it’s that Prague has absolutely gorgeous skies. More stunning than Budapest. Possibly more stunning than Berlin, but I will never admit to that. (Pseudo-patriotic remember? Staying for an extended period of time in any location does funny things to your brain.)

Anyway I’m insanely behind on my travels, but I absolutely insist of jotting down ALLLLL the memorable events! John Lennon Wall and Kutna Hora yet to come, before I can begin on my lovely, amazing Berlin.

I am up to my neck in work though – 6 concurrent projects, 2 sports, 2 dances, graphic design, and a whole array of admin matters. Holy mama. And I’m hoping I have enough drive to achieve some good results again. This is looking like an impossible semester.

Yet I’m loving everything I do though. I have that going for me at least 🙂


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