Just a random thought that struck me today…

What is it with society and our constant need for validation? This is an age-old topic, but it really perplexes me. What is it about validation that drives people to be nasty, to be competitive, to be so close-hearted and so narrow-minded?

I came across some comments today, and person X had posted a picture regarding her trying out of something new. Nothing wrong there, I thought. Everyone finds happiness in trying something new and popular, am I right? But person Y had to step in and announce,

“Oh I’ve done this way before it got popular.”

… :

Why can’t we all just be genuinely nice people, and sincerely share things we know others can enjoy? Or just be happy for others, and spread some kindness? Wouldn’t a simple oh I’ve tried it before too, that looks great! be so much sweeter than some offhand, snide remark about how you are now apparently the most amazing trendsetter on earth because you supposedly tried something before everybody else did? (And from a critical point-of-view… the Early Adopters don’t cause something to be popular. It’s the Early Majority that results in a market boom. In other words… sorry dude, it’s not your claim to stake. #NM2209)

I read somewhere that there are generally two types of people on Earth; open-hearted people, and close-minded people. The open hearted are sincere, kind and selfless. The close minded are hypocritical, disrespectful and selfish.

Which one would you rather be?


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