FoodBook: Mu Parlour

After that list of Best Lemon Tarts in Singpaore went viral and started popping up every.single.time I opened Facebook, I was just DYING to have a lemon tart. The evils of food lists, I swear. They make you sin.

R1010117 R1010103 R1010108R1010114
Visited Mu Parlour (#2 on the list, no less!) and decided to have a good brunch there as well.

I’m in my organza tee from Fabfad, which I absolutely adore! Chic and easy, perhaps one of the better purchases I’ve made in months (I need to watch my spending ugh). Plus it photographs well, so heh heh heh. Don’t the sleeves just look so translucent and watery and shimmery? *babbles on like a bimbo*

R1010123 R1010128 R1010126 R1010127
Mu Platter, $38.
Came with 2 burgers (their signature black buns MY ANACONDA DON’T), a side of salad, and a generous serving of garlic fries and buffalo wings. It was pretty good value, considering that the buffalo wings were so, so tasty. Not your regular Pizza Hut drumlet, and not overtly spicy, but it had a good amount of heat and smelled like BBQ heaven. Yum. The fries were much better than your usual ones, but it’s a good alternative to truffle fries (and certainly much more pocket-friendly!!) Fries tend to get gross and tasteless after a really short while, *looks pointedly at McDs* but these garlic fries somehow stayed crispy and lovely for the whole hour we were there. WHAT MAGIC.

Also, them black burgers. We had No. 11 (beef patty, avocado, streaky bacon & secret sauce) as well as No. 2 (beef patty, paprika, chipotle, avocado & jalapenos). No. 11 was waaaaay better. 2 seemed a little on the bland side, but both had great patties. Moist and delicious – every mouthful was palate perfection.

In all honesty though…..

R1010134 R1010135


Lemon Meringue Tart ($8) which came with a lovely cookie-like base, a tart lemon cream and the most delicious, sweet, almost chewy meringue! The meringue was especially memorable, it turned to something close to a marshmallow-consistency after a while, and it balanced so well with the tartness of the filling. I wanted to stuff the whole tart down, but I had to eat it so carefully because price *sniffs*

Ah I’m still fantasizing about the tart.

R1010140Match made in heaven? I definitely think so.


Price Range ~$25 (main, side, dessert)
Address Level 2 & 3, 16A Jalan Mambong
Phone 64669336
Sun – Thu: 11:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 11:00 – 02:00
Taro Points Lemon Meringue Tart! *sings*

Bonus pic of me pulling a rendition of my best derp face.


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