#taretravels: Neighbourhood – Charlottenburg

So. School’s officially started. Not that is makes much of a difference to my schedule anyway, because it’s already so packed (IHG, div 2 competitions, trainings, dance practices…) If I were my own daughter I’d smack myself upside down – I don’t know why my mother hasn’t already tried to shake some semblance of sense into me.

Anyway I’m aching to post about Perth, but the perfectionist in me is disgusted with my lack of order and absolutely refuses to blog about the amazing light down under until I’m finally done with Berlin. Hehe. Therefore, BERLIN IT IS, and what a convenient way to relive those glorious weeks in Deutschland. Sehr schön. I miss Berlin, still.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we will take a trip to western Berlin, to a quaint little neighbourhood overpopulated with Chinese tourists which exudes the most sophisticated charm.

Charlottenburg is perhaps like the Sixth Avenue of Singapore, housing the affluent and the opulent. What I love about the palace is that you are allowed to stroll about the gardens as and when you wish. It was a magnificent garden. For that short hour we were there, it was so easy to visualize the garden bustling with life; princesses with tea and cookies in hand, little children running about the manicured lawns… oh for that short hour, it really felt like I was royalty in the beautiful Charlottenburg Gardens.

Now if only my fellow tourists didn’t decide to talk loudly and ruin my daydream. 

R1009339 R1009335 R1009350 R1009349
In my short one month’s worth of Europe traveling, I pulled a scorpion pose so many times that I think it was much higher and much nicer than it ever was in my one year training with Alpha :X I should be ashamed of my younger self.

R1009355 R1009353Front of the palace. The attention to architectural details in Europe always amazes me. It’s astonishingly beautiful.

We had some ice cream before we left Charlottenburg despite it being insanely cold that day (everything else was too expensive). The neighbourhood is incredibly unique – even the air smelled different. I wouldn’t suggest staying in Charlottenburg though – the rent and food prices shouldn’t be too friendly for your average budget traveller. But if you ever feel the need to experience being royal yourself, this is one neighbourhood you have got to visit. And don’t forget to say hi to the swans.


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