FoodBook: Buck Tile St. Café

IMG_7024 IMG_7022 IMG_7036 IMG_7031 Quite a lot of people have been going mad over the new kid on the (west) block, Buck Tile St. Café. Yet strangely on the day we visited, the buzz wasn’t reflected in the shop; the place was empty save for two small groups of students studying.

The café itself is pretty spacious, plenty of seats and tables. The lack of patrons might indeed make it the perfect place for studying too, but because I don’t study in cafés, and I generally like the white noise of happy customers, I found the quietness in the café just a little bit unsettling.

We shared a croissant sandwich, which was both extremely delightful and extremely difficult to share because the bread kept flaking when we so much as poked it with the knife. Definitely delicious though, the buttery puff melting in your mouth, followed by a wonderful slightly sweet-salty kick from the ham and tomatoes. The fries were definitely the sidekick to the heroic sandwich.

Their nuggets weren’t particularly memorable – like something you could pick up from the supermarket and deep fried at home yourself. But then again, nuggets can never go wrong!!! 😛

IMG_7037Ah the blue velvet cake. So often dubbed as the cake to have. Maybe it was just us, but the cake was a tad too dry, and the cream was… creamy. Hahaha It was pretty bland, which was really disappointing given the hype surrounding their blue velvet cake.

Their tiramisu pots looked decadent as ever though, and if we were to return, I’m definitely calling dibs on it.

IMG_7043 IMG_7048
Hi, just two girls who walked pretty damn far to get here.

The owner (I think) saw us awkwardly lounging outside and kindly offered to take some pictures for us 🙂 I wonder how many times she’s done it already (I’m sure there are many other shy customers who were just as taken to the decor as we were hehe).


Price Range ~$20 (main, dessert)
Address Faber Hills, 104 Faber Drive
Phone 65667058
Hours Daily 12PM-11PM
Taro Points Instaworthy!

Would I come back again? Probably, those tiramisu pots are just too cute!!!
A car would be good though (the walk in was a little long), and I’m definitely skipping the blue velvet the next time round. (Don’t trust all the reviews you read!!!)

(Then again this is also a review, so…)


(Discretion is advised.)



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