Prancing around Perth


R1020165This is a little backlogged (…well, what’s new over here).

Last December we flew over to Perth Western Australia for about a week! It was a lot of fun (and a lot of planning money), and we also spent Christmas over in Perth! Which… wasn’t much on hindsight.

Haha! I think we are all too accustomed with Singapore’s shopping and urban lifestyle, so much so that Perth, what with her animals and nature and rawness, felt like that country girl no one really understood.

R1020196They serve a pretty wicked brunch though!

IMG_5226 R1020210Clearly I am in love with my hat.

On our first day in Perth, we drove to neighbouring Fremantle. If Perth is the town, Fremantle is the port. It was absolutely loved there, so rustic and nautical. We spent an exorbitant amount of time taking pictures at the lighthouse (can you say wonderful scenery??). The wind was absolutely crazy; I know it only seems like my hair got messed up, but TRUST ME it felt like I could have been blown away by the sheer force of the wind!!!

(I was, however, blown away by the sheer sight of it all.)

(Sorry I had to.)

Pictures lie, people.

IMG_5234 R1020239 IMG_5268 R1020246The blues, the greens, the greys… It was so wonderful taking in all the saturations Perth had to offer.

Later that evening, we went back to Perth to go KANGAROO SPOTTING!!! *kid in me squeals*

There is an island right smack in the middle of Perth called Heirisson Island, and TripAdvisor says it is overflowing with kangaroos. KANGAROOS. EVERYWHERE. (For free!!!!!!!)

We parked, jumped out of the car and began exploring. There was a long fence which seemed to run across the island, and it looked scary and dubious so we stayed safely away. We spent a good 20 minutes wandering around aimlessly, trying desperately to spot kangaroos, before we realised that we actually had to go into the fenced area and not stay outside. Well, duh. you say. Sorry lah, TripAdvisor never say have to go in!!! 😡

IMG_5323 IMG_5327 IMG_5409 IMG_5420Mission accomplished. THEY LOVE ME ❤

IMG_5349 IMG_5386 More to come on Perth 😉


2 thoughts on “Prancing around Perth

  1. Omg I moved to Perth a few months ago – I really want to see these kangaroos! Will definitely be planning a trip there soon, thank you for sharing!

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