It’s strange how getting out of your comfort zone really helps you find yourself.


These photos were taken at King’s Park in Perth and the nearby (famous) Blue House. Extremely hot, extremely touristy, but no less scenic and beautiful.

I am thankful that I have had the privilege to travel; to feel the Australian heat on my skin and breathe the clean, fresh air; to have seen these sights with my own two eyes and to have a life rather-well-traveled; to let my hair down and run free and wild, away from worries and responsibilities and away even, from hopes and dreams; to be able to enjoy so, so much of what the world has to offer and still return home and be so loved.


Right now, I have a bunch of thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, worries – all jumbled up and fighting for the spotlight in my mind. I have this bad habit of thinking too much for too long, and I’ve been struggling a little bit more than usual these past couple of weeks.

Somehow though… I can still feel some semblance of happiness – perhaps in its slightest of forms, but I guess that is just what I have to focus on instead? It feels a little like I am losing the cheerful banter my younger self loved to brandish to the world, replacing it with a carefully curated persona that is more chary than merry. Is this a part of growing up? …feels like I am indulging in my overthinking tendencies again hahah 😂

2 more weeks to my final examinations… Probably one of the last few proper examinations I will have in my life. Trepidation is high.

I am thankful for the happiness I am surrounded with.


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