“Life is tough my darling, but so are you.”

It’s incredibly frustrating how I have to wait 8 days between my second last paper and my last!!! The pain of awaiting freedom is increased tenfold when its drawn out so deliberately and so agonisingly slowly…

So recently I have reached an epiphany; that no matter what, I simply have to look forward to the future, armed with happiness and an eager anticipation. The future, and whatever it may hold, is going to come regardless – and what better way to meet it than with a smile and a firm handshake?

Next semester, I will be taking two undergraduate modules and either two or three master-level modules. My timetable is looking pretty free (save the crazy IHG and DP preparations), and even in the semester after that (aka my master’s semester) I will be very free in the day too. Work only officially begins in 2017 for me, and I simply refuse to squander whatever precious little time I have left to enjoy my youth!!!!

I have decided that in 2016, I will…

  1. Learn how to drive and be confident enough to drive people around (if they are confident enough of being driven around by a shorty that is HAHA)
  2. Renovate and get the room of my dreams!!
  3. Graduate trippin’ and do YOLO shit with my best friends
  4. Work in a café and,
  5. Learn how to serve a wicked brunch and make coffee

Are you ready, 2016? I AM COMING FOR YOU

Life is tough


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