“Nothing is Art if it does not come from Nature” – Gaudi in Barcelona

“There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.”

And hence, we were in for a modernisme (Catalan Art Nouveau) treat on the day we went on a Gaudi tour around Barcelona. Gaudi’s works are littered all over the city, and they are so unique that you’d just know it was Gaudi’s once you set eyes upon it.



Above is the Casa Batlló, the result of a total restoration in 1904 of an old conventional house built in 1877. It was apparently a really controversial building and highly criticized, because its design was so weird… but I personally think the balcony railings look like dragon skulls.

Cute. A little morbid? Well, come to think of it I do feel like most of his stuff are a little on the dark side…

Below is the La Pedrera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its insane facade that features a whole mass of stone; regular, and yet, irregular.

But idk those iron railings give me the creeps man.


And then we have… the infamously still-under-construction La Sagrada Familia… I mean I really don’t have to say much. I didn’t go inside and I have seen pictures of the gorgeous, gorgeous interior… but wow the outside is… intimidating.


Park Güell, perhaps my most favourite (and coincidentally the least intimidating) Gaudi work, was an interesting house-garden complex, with a candy-on-gingerbread-house type of feel à la Hansel and Gretel.


We went into one of the Park Güell houses, and wow did you know how absolutely weird it feels to be in a room with no corners?

Firstly, it’s almost like I’d lost my sense of direction and couldn’t tell my left from right anymore. And more importantly… where would the bed go??

It really was an interesting experience though, to actually walk through and experience Gaudi’s ideal of “no straight lines” and “no sharp corners”. It’s almost otherworldly, his particular brand of architecture. It has a strange ability to bend your perception and acceptance of your surroundings.


Ok pic of me with flowers #justbecause hahahahaha


And pic of Umi with this… vending machine things because WOAH!

Oh and, we also hit up Barceloneta beach! 😀 Nothing to do with Gaudi, but WEW it was a hot day. And it was a good beach that didn’t try to pull me into the sea and drown me.


Till we meet again Barcelona ❤


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