A Madrid Moment

Random fact by did you know that Madrid is home to the oldest restaurant in the world? While on a walking tour around the city, the guide told us about how Restaurante Sobrino de Botín was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway’s; so much that he actually mentioned it in his novel The Sun Also Rises. I know. This blog is so nerdy.

R1023869One of the more interesting spots in Madrid: three religions in one place. A cathedral (Santa María la Real de La Almudena) in the background, the Muslim wall (Muralla Árabe) built by the Moors, and a Star of David fountain in front. Although, the star might not actually be Jewish, but it’s still a nice thought to have 🙂

R1023881Where better to have llaollao than its homeland!! Right right?

WRONG. I got food poisoning that afternoon and llaollao was the only thing I had, so it mightn’t have been the best idea after all. After a walking tour in the morning, I promptly rushed back to my airbnb to nurse the stomachache.

Decided to have a bit of churros down the street after travel buddy Umi came back later in the afternoon…

…but it was the most meh churros ever. I will just write it off as one of those days….

The day after, we explored El Retiro Park! It’s HUGE and there’s even a lake inside where you can row a boat, for about 5 euros an hour! It was probably the highlight of the time we spent in Madrid, given the intense heat and even more intense food poisoning hahaha

El Retiro Park3
row boat4

There was a Crystal Palace within the park too. It was, as aforementioned, really hot so after a few pics we noped right out of there haha. We did have one of the best airbnbs in Madrid though, so I guess it all balances out 🙂

After the short Madrid moment we had, it was on to Lisbon, Portugal!


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