Parisienne Postcards

“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

To say my time in Paris back in summer of 2015 was akin to something like a passionate one night stand would be a gross injustice to how utterly and absolutely captivating it was. And yet within those short 3 days, the magic, the intrigue, exuding from it all – from the museums to the metro – it seems there is no better way to characterise the myriad of emotions that has gripped my heart since stepping foot onto this city of spellbinding beauty.


I must add here that it is really quite difficult to grab a good photo with the Eiffel Tower because the large grass patch right in front of it is filled with picnic-goers and your usual crowd of tourists all vying for the best angle.

Of course, we hadn’t done our research properly and didn’t know that taking a photo from the Place de Trocadero would give what is perhaps the best-framed photo with the Eiffel Tower. We did, however, realise that moving into any one of the walking paths outside the grass patch and then angling the camera upwards would give a decently-framed shot with the famous structure.

paris3Pierre Hermé macarons are really quite expensive by the way. But we were on Parisian soil, and to skimp on macarons in Paris of all places could possibly amount to sacrilege.

paris2 paris5paris6 And what is Paris without spending a ton sitting along the Champs-Élysées, nibbling on a plate of madeleines, sipping on freshly blended vanille milk-shake, and indulging in a delightful slice of mille feuille? That’s right – nothing. And so we nibbled, sipped and indulged.

(On my grandaunt’s credit card. She’d insisted we have the privilege to enjoy the luxuries of Paris as proper rich tourists, and not brokeass students on a budget hahaha. I love that lady.) 

Le Fouquet’s

99 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France

Would recommend for: the food, the view and the giddy high you may (or may not) get from rubbing shoulders with elites and pretending you are one yourself. Even though you clearly look like a fifteen year old.

paris4 Paris by night was every bit as magical. We’d crossed the road along the bridge to get to this carousel, which is definitely more beautiful than the one located right under the tower. It was a hotspot for couples taking wedding photos, and we waited a good half hour to nab some good shots.

Also the Eiffel Towers sparkles. IT. FREAKING. SPARKLES. It’s different from the standard yellow lights you see above, and it lasts for about 5 minutes at the top of each hour. It was like a million twinkling, blinking stars had latched themselves onto the tower and winked away at all of us mere onlookers. We hadn’t known about it, only chanced upon it as we were trying to take night photos.

In that moment, I began to think about all the circumstances, all the chances, all the random moments that had to happen for me to be able to be there, in a totally foreign land, in a city my mother so loved but only because she saw it once in the movies, in a country so beautiful and so far away from home… and in that moment, I never felt more blessed.

paris7Trying to take a photo with the Arc de Triomphe, but also trying not to die by car accident.

Paris. I’ll definitely be back. Hopefully with my mother in tow, and we’ll sit at Le Fouquet’s, sipping coffee and having another mille-feuille – except this time, on my own credit card.



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