A Bad Day in London is still better than a Good Day anywhere else

Have you ever asked your friends to rank their favourite cities in the world in order? In fact, have you ever ranked your favourite cities yourself?

If you have, then it’d be interesting (and yet perhaps unsurprising) that London pretty much always makes the top 3.

It’s been almost a good two years since my trip to the famous, amazing city that brought us red buses, black cabs, and the Beckham family.

And I already cannot wait to go back.

Here’s what I’d recommend you do if you ever find yourself lounging about London on a beautiful summer’s day. (If it were actually sunny that day, of course HEHE.)

9AM: Pop by Borough Market for Breakfast

R1025154 R1025155I had a lemon tart for breakfast and I feel absolutely no shame!!!

R1025152Or you could have fruits.

R1024950R1024943R1025145R1024954Buy a lovely shrimp wrap from these friendly fellas too!!

11AM: Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace

R1025317R1025322You should definitely do some research so you know where exactly to stand in order to get the best view! Also it helps if you’re tall.

12PM: Clamber around in Camden!

R1025100R1025096R1025103Camden is a little out of the inner city area (it’s in Zone B) but it’s an amazing place for delicious food and grungy shirts and overpriced souvenirs. We found the most hilarious Game of Thrones meme tees there and it’s clear they can’t stop making fun of how little Jon Snow knows.

It was incredibly vibrant, incredibly fun and incredibly different from the greys of London city. A definite must go!

2PM: You’re a stone’s throw away from the famous West End – catch a musical!

IMG_0043I’m still singing the Book of Mormon’s opening song 2 years after I watched it. Yes. 2 years. Did I say “watch a musical”? Sorry, I meant, if you don’t intend on watching The Book of Mormon specifically – You. Are. Making. A. Huge. Mistake.

4PM: Explore London City (and more importantly, find a Red Telephone Booth!)

And this is where I unleash upon you a visual flood of my most precious memories at London:


Leicester Square. Oxford Street. The Big Ben. London Eye. A brave little dog’s quiet little grave. Greenwich. M&M Megastore. FRIGGIN’ PLATFORM NINE AND THREE QUARTERS! Who am I kidding, you cannot possibly cover London in a day!

IMG_0090IMG_0123IMG_0133R1025126How can one city be so busy and yet so free? Famous for its rainy days and endlessly fun on its sunny days.

Oh London, you paradoxical city – I love you so much.

6PM: Catch the sunset along Tower Bridge

R1025271R1025285Catch the last bits of London’s glow through the stray ends of your hair.

8PM: Wind down at Harrods.

R1025134Truth be told, I got broke just by inhaling the perfectly scented, thermally-regulated air inside Harrods. But I had to include it. Because they installed that crazy SALE sign outside their building and it looks like they stole it from the set of an 80’s movie.

Also giant teddy bears inside.



And there we have… London.

It’s so self explanatory that I’m not lapsing into my alliterative tendencies to prove my point.



That is all.


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