– and on the 6th day, God created Man…chester

Growing up, my mother took it upon herself to ensure that my sister and I would always go to my dad’s room and say goodnight to him before we went to bed every night. Because he hardly left his room, we’d rarely speak to him during the day, so my mother assumed we wouldn’t want to wish him goodnight.

What she didn’t know though, was how difficult it would be to get us out of the room instead. We’d curl up under the covers with my dad and watch Manchester United play. Then, my 6 year old self could hardly understand the game. It was always a flurry of names (Neville, Butt, Rooney, Beckham…) and a whole lot of cheering from my dad. I’d cheer right along with him, completely oblivious to what warranted a celebration. I remember he took a good month to explain to me what offside was. Sometimes, even though I understood, I’d ask him to explain again because it just felt nice to spend more time with him, even if it meant seeing my mom (having forgotten we were there) burst into the room a good hour later, red-faced with annoyance, shooing us to bed with a hanger in hand.

And so it was added to my bucket list that I’d one day bring my dad back to the city where he spent his teenage years, and watch a live United match with him. Of course this dream is still very much a WIP, but back in Summer 2014, the opportunity to explore Manchester presented itself, and so I jumped right on it.


We stayed at the cosiest AirBnB in the Trafford area, chosen because it was 2 bus stops from Old Trafford. Our host was the sweetest lady who gave us lots of food recommendations and most of her house hahaha.

The weather in the days we were there was amazing. Bright sun, clear wind… it was like Manchester cleared its skies just to give us a warm welcome :’) Excuse me while I romantise everything.

Below I list some of the lovely places I visited in Manchester (two of which are free!) – the National Football Museum, John Rylands Library, Takk Coffee House and of course, Old Trafford the Theatre of Dreams.

mcr3 mcr4mcr5

Takk was a much needed cafe-break; because travel buddy Umi follows a halal diet, Takk’s vegetarian (and gluten-free!) options made for a great choice for a lovely lunch.

We had sandwiches and wraps, and I even went for a coffee without sugar. If you knew me, you’d know I’m one of those weirdos who needs sugar in their coffeeย unless the brew was amazing enough that the sugar would spoil it. And Takk’s coffee certainly proved itself to be amazing.


And who’d visit Manchester without going to the Theatre of Dreams!!! (Strange people, that’s who.)

mcr7 mcr8 mcr9 mcr10 mcr11ย Definitely bringing my dad here one day ๐Ÿ™‚


Showering the UK and the world with as much love as I can muster โค


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