From the window seat of the high-speed rail

There is something about long train rides, window seats, and the prospect of an as-yet unknown adventure ahead that makes one particularly pensive.

The rolling greens of the countryside are flashing by and invariably I find myself thinking about some of the things I want to accomplish, hopefully sometime in the near future. So here I go.

1. Participate in the Words on Wheels volunteer project with SIF next year.

2. Learn how to play the piano.

3. Pick up a third language decently (and not stop unceremoniously at the halfway mark the way my German did haha).

4. Improve on my video-editing skills.

Now given how fleeting my attention span is, I’ll probably have a new set of goals by next month. But, alles in allem, having more goals doesn’t necessarily mean you will accomplish less. It just means you will have more things to put your heart into ๐Ÿ™‚

The train operator just announced, “next stop: Taichung station“, which is my cue to leave this lovely plush seat by the window, and embark on the next adventure. My pilgrimage to the original bubble tea shop here in Taichung is calling. Till next time.


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