Singapore Fashion Week: Woo/Fiziwoo & Zalia by Zalora

R1021432 R1021433
Singapore Fashion Week is in full swing, and we’re already in Day Four! The Hot Girlfriend/Bimbz Grace managed to score passes, and so off we went to watch the Woo/Fiziwoo and Zalia by Zalora collections yesterday.

In all honesty, I was quite impressed with SGFW, despite it being held in a tentage outside Ngee Ann City. Fashion Weeks in the more darling, daring cities (read: NYFW) tend to be a huge affair, and I wasn’t expecting too much from reserved Singapore.


So imagine my wonder and surprise when I saw hordes of ladies in necklines of plunging depths and men in heels of staggering heights just casually trying not to sweat too much mingling and making light banter. Yes. Men. Heels. It was like Yanis Marshall sent his army of gorgeous high-heeled men to Singapore and they all decided to set up camp at the Tent @ Ngee Ann City. Men in heels, fashionistas carrying gold-topped canes… you name it, SGFW has it.

We had to wait quite a bit before the show was ready. Not really sure what the delay was about, but we spent our time lounging outside the runway, having one too many ciders and trying to track down the booth that was giving out tea-infused cheesecakes (because I was absolutely famished).

Ugh, the ridiculous pains we impose on ourselves to look good. (Do crash diets even work?? Another one of life’s greatest mysteries.)

Unfortunately we didn’t bump into any personalities worth gushing over, although there was a handful of mind-blowingly gorgeous and TALL women present… so that’s where my height went.

We also had a smashing time judging other people hehe because #SGFW.

R1021439 R1021440

R1021446 R1021451 R1021452 The first collection we watched was the Woo/Fiziwoo, a Malaysian collection inspired by “Kuala Lumpur and its people”. Not very sure what that meant, but it was such an amazing collection. It was like high-end office wear, but ON POINT. So on point. Peplums. Asymmetry. Thick fabrics. Cape sleeves. Those were the main takeaways from this collection. Peplums and cape sleeves featured so heavily in this collection, and watching the models strut their wonderfully-structured pieces down the runway made me want to own one so bad.

So you have a flared peplum detail and cape-like slit long sleeves?
I’ll take one please, thank you very much.

Ugh, that fabric. I am so in love with that fabric. 

R1021453 R1021460The second collection, Zalia, didn’t quite do it for me, but the general theme of billowy, flowy skirts was still there. This collection is slightly more ethnic-inspired, but still very wearable. Sequins featured more prominently here, as did a slightly looser silhouette.

Peplums were also quite a key point of focus in this collection. (This means they’re still in.) Time to stock up on the flare, ladies.

I am p a r t i c u l a r l y taken by these looks:

Zalia Silhouette Fit and Flare Dress

Zalia Embellished Chiffon Dress
Something fit for a goddess

Ugh, and don’t get me started on the gorgeous pants and skirts.

R1021458Here’s a game of spot-the-smartphones. Hint: look for the lights. 

R1021472Two sophisticated and inspiring collections, and now I just want to spend more money. Hahaha!

In all seriousness though, these runways are really quite something. Now if only there was some way for me to feast my eyes on the Victoria Beckham closing show!!


White Lies

R1010069 R1010083
R1010087I love how glamourous I look 😀

Top Topshop / Bottoms Ana Front Flap Black Ink Style Skorts, from Ad.El / Shoes Braided Heel Sandals, from Fox-Out / Accessories Beaded bracelets

I know I said I’ll be extra frugal and thrifty many, many times – but I won this discount voucher from Ad.El, so how could I not use it?? That being said, I want to clarify that most of my recent purchases have been because they’ve got some kinda offer on them, or I got a voucher. Which means I am indeed saving money when I shop. Right??? *defensive*

Fairy Princess

10417572_1465771793695139_6286559817960682696_n 10458610_1465771843695134_7237336786172963505_n10450174_1465771750361810_8028295658714553280_n10590651_1465771837028468_7335595951481635091_n10469211_1465771853695133_8276548881016096344_n10609532_1465771960361789_4149447726065542386_n10403603_1465771920361793_4959786841096994402_n10612947_1465771917028460_6697947226050085595_n

Top Fox-Out / Skirt ShopFleurdelis / Shoes From Taiwan
Photography by Kannan’s Photography / Edited by me

When my darling friend Michelle invited me to help shoot some skirts (alliteration! I still got it!) for her online store one day, I of course agreed immediately!! I had never  been to a shoot before, and I was so curious as to how they were done. Blogshop modeling is such a lucrative industry now – they are like OOTDs, but a thousand times more glamourous, and which (girly) girl wouldn’t love to call taking OOTDs her full time job??

So one VERY sunny Sunday morning, Michelle and I met up at the Botanic Gardens, her pulling a pink luggage behind her. It was stuffed to the brim with beautiful clothes samples, and gorgeous flower crowns, and sweet little bouquets of all colours and sizes – and that was when I went, woah this blogshop modeling thing is serious business.

Well, all I can say that it isn’t as glamourous as it looks and a lot of hard work and dedication is involved. Behind those amazing pictures, those blogshop models really have it tough!! I will spare you the agonizing details of how I was changing into and out of the tulle skirts in public. Hahahaha. It wasn’t even half an hour into the shoot and I was already sweating buckets and had been the subject of many mozzies’ tender loving care and attention. Don’t know how people can do this for sustained periods of time – I was pooped. I did manage to climb a tree in that skirt though!!! Living my glamourous jungle-girl dreams, and it was really a lot of fun 😀

I am so happy with the pictures!! So tulle, such pastel. I felt like I was walking on clouds, or at least, wearing one. They are inner lined, and come in so many pretty, pretty shades. And they are SO POCKET-FRIENDLY!!! Stay tuned to ShopFleurdelis, and get your own dreamy tulle midi ASAP!!!