#taretravels: 5 Things To Do In Prague For Free (Almost)

1. Have a picnic in a playground

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Even better if the playground is semi-abandoned, has an antique merry-go-round, and overlooks the German embassy (free World Cup screening over lunch? Hell yes!) This was the second day of our Prague adventure, and somehow, we were already running out of things to do. Yes, yes I said it. We were bored of Prague. Don’t kill me now, y’all. As previously explained, Prague and us… we don’t really go well together unfortunately.

Our initial plan was to hike up to the Petřín Lookout Tower – which really resembles the Eiffel Tower by the way – and maybe get some nice, lovely touristy shots (what we do best… amirite?), all while pretending that we were in Paris. Continue reading “#taretravels: 5 Things To Do In Prague For Free (Almost)”