– and on the 6th day, God created Man…chester

Growing up, my mother took it upon herself to ensure that my sister and I would always go to my dad’s room and say goodnight to him before we went to bed every night. Because he hardly left his room, we’d rarely speak to him during the day, so my mother assumed we wouldn’t want to wish him goodnight.

What she didn’t know though, was how difficult it would be to get us out of the room instead. We’d curl up under the covers with my dad and watch Manchester United play. Then, my 6 year old self could hardly understand the game. It was always a flurry of names (Neville, Butt, Rooney, Beckham…) and a whole lot of cheering from my dad. I’d cheer right along with him, completely oblivious to what warranted a celebration. I remember he took a good month to explain to me what offside was. Sometimes, even though I understood, I’d ask him to explain again because it just felt nice to spend more time with him, even if it meant seeing my mom (having forgotten we were there) burst into the room a good hour later, red-faced with annoyance, shooing us to bed with a hanger in hand.

And so it was added to my bucket list that I’d one day bring my dad back to the city where he spent his teenage years, and watch a live United match with him. Of course this dream is still very much a WIP, but back in Summer 2014, the opportunity to explore Manchester presented itself, and so I jumped right on it.


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Omnom O’Clock: The Lab / Sinseh The Grocery

Today in Omnom O’Clock, we will be visiting the café housing the cheapest Monster Milkshake in all of Singapore… THE LAB!! …as well as its slightly less exciting neighbour, Sinseh: The Grocery.


Omnom O’Clock is a weekly  monthly  no-scheduley review/visual recollection of whichever omnom place I happen to have visited recently. All views and opinions are 100% my own, and are not representative of …the larger population. 😀

We popped by The Lab after our lunch date at I Am café. The two cafés are about two streets away so it was pretty convenient! We were hopping with excitement over the fact that we were finally going to try the much fabled, much Instagrammed MONSTER MILKSHAKE!!

While we were there, we decided to stalk The Lab’s Instagram account and came upon this beauty:


Galaxy donut? Gourmet ice cream? Syrup syringe? Hell yes. 

x R1027352

The galaxy donut dessert is sold over at Sinseh: The Grocery, which was two doors down from The Lab and is apparently opened by the same owner of The Lab. Sinseh is less of a café, and more of a little “provision shop” which sold little knick knacks like homemade cookies and infused oil and quirky little condiments, with the occasional dessert. Contrary to what it sounds like, it does not sell traditional Chinese medicine.

We decided to order both a Nutella Monster Milkshake ($13) from The Lab, as well as a Galaxy Donut with Ice Cream and Syrup Syringe ($7.50) from Sinseh.

As you can tell… the Galaxy Donut fell very, very short of expectations. And this was after I fiddled with it and stuck the syringe into the donut, because it originally came with the syringe rolling around the pan, and the ice cream all over the place 😦

Now I know this is all just appearances, but as Hollywood would put it, appearance is everything, but oh come on we paid $7.50 for all the fancy things ($3 for donut, $3 for ice cream, $1.50 for syringe) *sighs of sadnesss*

Taste-wise, the donut was a little hard and stale, but the ice cream was ok. Probably won’t be going back for that one. I do think we perhaps had a bit of bad luck with the server who prepared our food – she didn’t seem too experienced with the preparation, but she was quite nice.


Now the milkshake on the other hand… it was beautifulllll. Chocolatey, but not overpoweringly so. Sweet but with the salty tinge of pretzels. Thick, but smooth and easy to drink. We initially thought $13 was pretty steep for a milkshake, but after a bit of googling we realised this was perhaps the cheapest monster milkshake in Singapore and so we slurped in up happily.

collage1R1027363Me: I need some candid hands!!

In omnommary…


Price $$ out of $$$$$. ~$13 for a Monster Milkshake
Address 1 Jln Pisang, 199069
Phone 6299 5681
Mon – Sat: 12PM-9.15PM
Sunday: 1PM – 8.45PM

Omnom Opinion
The opposition: NONE. TRY IT.
The opportunity: Halal, experimental café food, eternal “watch-this-space” vibe



Price ?
Address 9 Jln Pisang, 199076
Phone 6291 5743
Mon – Sat: 12PM – 8.30PM
Sunday Closed

Omnom Opinion
The optimistic: Pretty and quirky
The opposition: Did not deliver 😦
The opportunity: Halal, lots of other things sold there!

Omnom O’Clock: I Am… at a café again

Looks like FoodBook is back for a revamp~
I woke up one day and decided that FoodBook sounds retarded, and hence I have come up with an even more retarded name to take its place.

Omnom O’Clock is a weekly  monthly  no-scheduley review/visual recollection of whichever omnom place I happen to have visited recently. All views and opinions are 100% my own, and are not representative of …the larger population. 😀



I Am café is located along North Bridge Road, right at the entrance of Haji Lane (yup this place still exists) and promises to bring the feel-good vibes (and bikes) of Amsterdam to the shores of sunny Singapore.

I can’t actually judge how Amsterdam-ish the place was, seeing as I have never actually been to the capital of the Netherlands, but I must say the lovely big red I Am… sign is a beautiful touch, and for that I give this café bonus points.


Charcoal-grilled “Big Bear” Beef Burger – $15.90R1027315

Comes topped with a GINORMOUS onion ring and a delicious sunny side up, with a side of fries. Didn’t try the patty for myself, but the most hilarious part was when Sharky dipped her fries into the chili sauce and went, “that is spicy!” Vi then cautiously tried the chili with the tip of her fork, and with a bemused look on her face offered,

“It’s… pretty sweet.” 

Turkey Ham Penne in White Sauce – $13.90R1027324

For the pastas, you could choose if you wanted it cooked with Red Tomato Sauce, White Sauce, or Aglio Olio style. I really, really liked this. The cream sauce wasn’t too gao, a sin which other eateries have a habit of committing. Generous serving of turkey ham yum. I could have another now.

Crayfish Fettuccine

Unfortunately I don’t remember the price, but it was between $16 – 18. Sauce was pretty spicy, but deliiiiiicious omg. Lots of crayfish, and it also came with (in Vi’s words) “a lot of random things” like olives and cherry tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts.

Nutella Chocolate Drink, Virgin Mojito Mocktail Lychee, Virgin Mojito Mocktail – $6.90R1027316

I had the Virgin Mojito Mocktail Lychee, and it was really refreshing! I was slightly miffed that I couldn’t evenly mix the syrup as there was a lot of ice on top (OCD) but it evened itself out pretty nicely. $6.90 might be a bit pricey, but for a mocktail it was pretty delicious.

In omnommary…


Price ~$20 and up (main, drink)
Address 674 North Bridge Road, Singapore 199486
Phone 6295 5509
Mon – Thurs: 11.30AM-11PM
Fri- Sat: 11.30AM – 1AM
Sunday: 11.30AM – 10PM

Omnom Opinion
The optimistic: Hearty portions, HUGEASS RAINBOW CAKE
The opposition: No aircon!!
The opportunity: Halal, and lots of photo ops with the I Am sign

R1027340 R1027334

Evidently the owners have humour too hahaha!


Bonus pic of a old-school shop front hehe