#taretravels: Széchenyi Thermal Bath


Everybody say hello to the amazing, stunning Széchenyi Thermal Bath!! It is the largest medicinal bath in all of Europe, and the water is supplied by two thermal springs 😀

Adopting the typical “save-the-best-for-the-last” aunty mentality, we planned to visit the famous bath on the very last day of our Budapest trip. All that walking!!! All that shopping!!!!!!! The bath was meant as a reward for doing our part to boost Budapest’s economy 😀

R1007243 R1007244Every picture looks like a dream 🙂 Minus the half-naked grandpas 😦
We hopped on a train in the early hours of a dreary Tuesday morning and were very quickly brought to this amazing spa! It was so accessible, just a few minutes away from the Széchenyi fürdõ train station. It was a grey, cloudy morning, and we kept praying fervently that it wouldn’t rain and put a dampener on our plans 😦 AND IT DIDN’T, YAY!!! BUDAPEST LOVES US. Continue reading “#taretravels: Széchenyi Thermal Bath”


#taretravels: St. Stephen’s Basilica

R1007094It’s the 31st of July now, and I visited the St. Stephen’s Basilica on the 23rd of June!
Has it really been a month since I was at the grand, wonderful city of Budapest?? It’s so unbelievable. Why is time passing so quickly? 😦

R1007091R1007092Budapest has been really magical. I truly enjoyed my time in the city.
Before I went, I thought that I wouldn’t like it because it seemed so meh. I mean really, what is Budapest famous for? People talk about the capitals of France/Czech/Austria all the time, but all Hungary seemed to receive were some poorly-thought food jokes (or lack thereof – hahahaha geddit geddit).

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#taretravels: Fisherman’s Bastion

R1006994 Fisherman’s Bastion – easily my favourite place in Budapest. Its architecture is clean, but stunning. Oh and the view –  to die for. I’d never gotten a better view of Budapest anywhere else, and it has got so many different angles of the city that you wouldn’t even mind climbing the billions to steps to get to the Bastion!

Its gorgeous design also meant a lot of opportunities to satiate a girl’s every OOTD whim and fancy, opportunities which we of course immediately put to good use.

R1007032R1007078 R1007077 R1007074

It is said that the Bastion was named after the guild of fishermen who were responsible for defending this stretch of the city walls during the Middle Ages. It surrounds the Matthias Church – which we didn’t even enter because we were too busy cooing over the beauty the Bastion has to offer.

Why I love the Fisherman’s Bastion…