Lazing around in Lisbon (a.k.a: What To Do In Lisbon Other Than Egg Tarts)

I sometimes think that perhaps I should have the decency to feel slightly ashamed that my travel posts are more than a year late.

….AAAAAND then sometimes I think BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! ๐Ÿ˜€

And we visit LISBON today! Beautiful Lisbon!
Home of theย Bacalhau! Home of the most DELICIOUSย Pasteis de Belem!! Home of THOSE GODDAMN PICKPOCKETS because I was almost robbed!!!!!

We begin our story on a beautiful summer’s day, where we find our protagonists Cheryl Adventare and Uminsummerย wandering the streets of Lisbon, hunting for their AirBnB for a solid 15 minutes. Seriously, other thanย the horror of a hotel that was in Cinque Terre, this one came preeeeetty close. The host was pleasant enough, and the house was clean enough, but it was a good 5 to 10 minute hike up Rua Telhal every. single. day. It wasย steep.ย Alsoย there was black mould in the bathroom and that doesn’t help too much.

But I digress.

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