It’s strange how getting out of your comfort zone really helps you find yourself.


These photos were taken at King’s Park in Perth and the nearby (famous) Blue House. Extremely hot, extremely touristy, but no less scenic and beautiful.

I am thankful that I have had the privilege to travel; to feel the Australian heat on my skin and breathe the clean, fresh air; to have seen these sights with my own two eyes and to have a life rather-well-traveled; to let my hair down and run free and wild, away from worries and responsibilities and away even, from hopes and dreams; to be able to enjoy so, so much of what the world has to offer and still return home and be so loved.


Right now, I have a bunch of thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, worries – all jumbled up and fighting for the spotlight in my mind. I have this bad habit of thinking too much for too long, and I’ve been struggling a little bit more than usual these past couple of weeks.

Somehow though… I can still feel some semblance of happiness – perhaps in its slightest of forms, but I guess that is just what I have to focus on instead? It feels a little like I am losing the cheerful banter my younger self loved to brandish to the world, replacing it with a carefully curated persona that is more chary than merry. Is this a part of growing up? …feels like I am indulging in my overthinking tendencies again hahah 😂

2 more weeks to my final examinations… Probably one of the last few proper examinations I will have in my life. Trepidation is high.

I am thankful for the happiness I am surrounded with.


Into The Wild, Blue Yonder

Rottnest Island at Perth W.A. was an absolute dream.


Our journey around Rottnest Island began at the jetty point, where we disembarked the boat from Perth (see pink circle below). The whole island was pretty darn amazing, but the pink crosses were where we stopped, and you’ll see bits of the scenery below! 🙂


Rottnest is essentially every cyclist/nature-lover’s dream come true – the entire island is just a beautiful adventure of extremely instagrammable locations/bays/points, all connected together by one long, smooth cycling path.

Today I’ll be sharing the route we took and the views we saw along the way! 😀 We started our day relatively early – slightly before noon, but we could only explore about half the island before we had to hurry back to the jetty to catch the last boat at ~5PM. Follow the black dotted line on the map! 😀

Island Jetty – Thomson Bay – Little Salmon Bay – Salmon Bay – Pink Lakes (YES you read that right) – Parakeet Bay – Geordie Bay – Island Jetty

Thomson Bay


Our first pit stop is the incredibly photogenic Thomson Bay! Swimming is allowed, but there wasn’t a lot of marine life here to warrant a snorkel.

The incredible view of the vast Indian Ocean and the endless blue sky was nothing short of breathtaking though.


Little Salmon Bay


Little Salmon Bay is extremely popular for snorkelling! It’s (as it’s name suggests) really little: just a small stretch of beach and bay, no more than 200 metres across. But the bay opens out to the ocean, and there’s lots to see underwater!


There are little demarkation points underwater (10 in total, if I remember correctly) to follow as you’re snorkelling there. We tried really, really hard to follow them but…


The water was WAAY TOO COLD!!!!!

We spent a good half an hour squatting in the FREEZING COLD WATERS, submerged to our thighs, screaming at the cold and making a spectacle of ourselves… 😅😂

I’d say we provided some pretty good entertainment for the sun tanners on shore 😎

By the time we (basically forced ourselves to acclimatise) started to snorkel, the beach was quite empty…
I think they got tired of our shrieking


We barely made it to the first snorkelling check point out of 10, but hey – judging from the photos, you wouldn’t even be able to tell 😌

Salmon Bay


Salmon Bay, the bigger brother of Little Salmon Bay, was very beautiful – think pristine white sand, wooden staircases, etc. The stuff instagram was made for.

But I’d say the reason why Salmon Bay is truly worthy of mention is…



R1020697 R1020723

There were SO MANY!!! And they are so lovely and curious and friendly ❤

They came curiously sniffing at our parked bicycles, and as we played with one, more appeared! SO SO SO ADORABLE! I can’t. I just can’t.

They really are the happiest creatures on the planet 🙂 *heart bursting from love*

What are rabbits and giraffes and dogs? MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL IS THE QUOKKA.


Pink Lakes

So… while planning our trip to Perth, we were a bit bummed because we knew we didn’t have the time to travel out to see the famous Pink Lake – BUT THE PINK LAKE CAME TO US.


*heart sings*

Granted, it isn’t EXTREMELY pink – from certain angles it was still blue – but I was endlessly impressed. A pink lake. I have actually seen an actual pink lake with my own actual two eyes.

I am such a lucky little girl 🙂



We also met more of my favourite animal ever along the way 😀


Parakeet Bay


It was close to 4PM by the time we got here, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves 😀

Easily one of my favourite places at Rottnest (next to Little Salmon Bay probably) because of how incredibly, incredibly photogenic this place is!!


Geordie Bay


We didn’t actually go into the water here, but it was still an impressive sight.

Geordie Bay, home to about a billion yachts – we concluded this must be where the rich people escape to. One day, I will be back here with my own private boat 😎

Closer to Earth when in Perth

Finally… a continuation of my Perth series!! I’ve only written one post, and it’s been close to a year since I’ve been there!!! Hahaha! What to do, I can’t procrastinate when it comes to procrastination 😉 I’ve had the most wonderful privilege of seeing 11 cities since, and hopefully I can document them all before I turn 50… 🙄 XD

Today’s visual diary takes us on a road trip to see… MORE NATURE. Western Australia is just so incredibly raw. That, and it really doesn’t take much to amaze a lowly city bumpkin like myself 😂 Pfft city dwellers amirite? Hehe. The aim was to get to Nambung National Park and view the amazing rock formations!! It’s a 3 hour drive up from Perth, and you get some pretty spectacular views of the sea from the Indian Ocean Drive!

Otherwise it’s just a really long, long, long road that appears to stretch into the eternal nothingness and I only had (melted) Tim Tams to keep me company cause everyone else was driving/sleeping. #suddenangst

Luckily we had many pitstops along the way, and each location boasted its own unique natural beauty 😍

Yanchep National Park


Oh look, what’s that?
It’s natural beauty casually strolling into the frame!
*gets bricked*


Yanchep was our first stop along the great drive up to Nambung. I was a little bored there because the lake was pretty much dried up from the hot summer sun, and there really wasn’t anything to do there. On hindsight though, it really is so very green and pretty 🙂

We wasted some time trying to take the perfect group shot there, but failed, and then quickly agreed that it wasn’t us, it was them (there was nothing to eat there… how could you not anticipate hungry road trippers, Yanchep??)


Thirsty Point, Cervantes


Ah if there ever was an award for the most picturesque place that day, it go to Thirsty Point… if the wind could stop HOWLING for just one second that is. It looks so lovely doesn’t it; giant wooden staircase, gentle sea breeze, the Indian Ocean’s blue hues sparkling in the background, the greens, the browns, the whites… BUT NO.


I swear the wind was having the time of its life, smacking me in the face (AND EYES) with its sandy hands. Hell, the wind could’ve been screaming profanities right into my eardrums and there was absolutely nothing to be done to fend our poor, poor selves, except make a quick escape back into the car. We barely stepped out for 5 minutes before we dived back into the warm embrace of our trusty Toyota — the smile you see here is A LIE.

Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park


If only rocks gave out wifi… 


Now we know where they go to shoot car commercials

In all honesty, the rock formations were just a teeny bit underwhelming. I guess the politically-correct way of saying it is, it’s amazing how there are so many unique rock formations over such a vast area that were carved out from nothing but the sheer force of the wind over millions of years! 

…still doesn’t sound any good?
Ah well. I tried XD

It made for some pretty good photos though, and there was even a rock formation that looked like the iron throne from GoT! It’s not something I’d 100% recommend to everyone, but I suppose if you’re a geography nut this would be quite the stunner. I’d never seen a landscape as bizarre as this, and it was pretty fun to drive around the dirt roads, pretending we were shooting a car commercial 😎

Lancelin Sand Dunes


On the drive back down the Indian Ocean Drive, we made a short detour to see the sand dunes at Lancelin! It was… other-worldly, what with the MOUNTAINS of sand that stretched into the horizon. How did Australia manage to squeeze so many different landscapes into one tiny area??

Nature is infinitely wondrous…

We didn’t go sand boarding though, because it was getting late and… we had to crawl over some broken fencing to get to the dunes hahaha probably in the wrong area. I was half-afraid that we’d step on a landmine or something. Stupid Australian PSA commercial about staying in school…putting ideas into my head.


I have this magical ability to pack the wrong clothes for all my trips… Perth was no exception. The wind was intense.


And then we had some Chinese takeout for dinner 🙂

I don’t particularly like the Chinese food in Australia… but everything else they had was either too fried or too expensive so…. Chinese takeout it is 💁

Next stop: Caversham Wildlife Park and my personal favourite… Rottnest Island!! ❤ Quokkas, here we come.