– and on the 6th day, God created Man…chester

Growing up, my mother took it upon herself to ensure that my sister and I would always go to my dad’s room and say goodnight to him before we went to bed every night. Because he hardly left his room, we’d rarely speak to him during the day, so my mother assumed we wouldn’t want to wish him goodnight.

What she didn’t know though, was how difficult it would be to get us out of the room instead. We’d curl up under the covers with my dad and watch Manchester United play. Then, my 6 year old self could hardly understand the game. It was always a flurry of names (Neville, Butt, Rooney, Beckham…) and a whole lot of cheering from my dad. I’d cheer right along with him, completely oblivious to what warranted a celebration. I remember he took a good month to explain to me what offside was. Sometimes, even though I understood, I’d ask him to explain again because it just felt nice to spend more time with him, even if it meant seeing my mom (having forgotten we were there) burst into the room a good hour later, red-faced with annoyance, shooing us to bed with a hanger in hand.

And so it was added to my bucket list that I’d one day bring my dad back to the city where he spent his teenage years, and watch a live United match with him. Of course this dream is still very much a WIP, but back in Summer 2014, the opportunity to explore Manchester presented itself, and so I jumped right on it.


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Summer 2014

While I was organising my YouTube Channel, I came across the sudden realisation that I haven’t posted my Summer 2014 video! So much feel-good vibes. 🙂 It’s been more than a year, but I am still so spellbound by it all… Especially my favourite city, Berlin. I am secretly a Berliner y’all 🙂

#taretravels: 5 Things To Do In Prague For Free (Almost)

1. Have a picnic in a playground

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Even better if the playground is semi-abandoned, has an antique merry-go-round, and overlooks the German embassy (free World Cup screening over lunch? Hell yes!) This was the second day of our Prague adventure, and somehow, we were already running out of things to do. Yes, yes I said it. We were bored of Prague. Don’t kill me now, y’all. As previously explained, Prague and us… we don’t really go well together unfortunately.

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